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Show #25/4812. Oakland Cemetery

Ground Cover Under Trees

An additional gardening challenge that one has with all of these large trees, is the understory plantings. Especially on this site with raised garden walls. The roots have got to be utilizing most of the air and soil space. But Sara still has these really nice lush under plantings that are doing really quite well especially for a non-irrigated site. That has been a challenge because it really doesn't look good to have just bare dirt with a huge tree. With Sara's first house she had a large magnolia in the front yard. It was the bane of her existence. It is one of the things they work hard on here and have found an assortment of perennials that will make a nice green carpet underneath and for the most part it is evergreen. Cast iron plant is an old favorite, good and reliable. They use epimedium, they use sedges, but the one that was most successful and something of a surprise is iris japonica, the eco easter, that everybody had maybe fifteen years ago. Those plants took over their gardens so now they are pulling them out and giving them to Oakland Cemetery. Here they tried it under the magnolias and discovered it would live there and it blooms there and even blooms in the spring on top of an evergreen ground cover.

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