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GardenSMART Video :: How Much Insect Damage Is Enough?

Show #47/5008. Trees, Trees, Trees - Lessons From A Tree Farm

How Much Insect Damage Is Enough?

Pat shows us one tree in particular that has some Japanese beetle damage. It doesn't bother Pat too much in this setting, it's just really aesthetic damage, it's late in the summer, a lot of the growth has already finished on the tree for the year. So each individual person has to look at the threshold of what they can stand. If it's a beautiful staple tree right in front of your house you may not want too much damage on that at all but if it's a big shade tree out in your back yard possibly you can accept some damage there. What they are trying to do is limit the chemical usage. It doesn't mean they don't use chemicals, instead means they limit them and are conscious of what they are spraying. Often times insects are going to attack a weakened tree so maintaining fertility and also making sure the water schedule is correct for the tree, helping it be strong, actually goes a really, really long way towards protecting the tree from insect and disease problems.

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