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Visit our Sponsors and win.

Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.


This season’s (2015) Video Tips:

Show #1/3901. Tweaking And Massaging A Unique Landscape
- Are Window Boxes And Hanging Baskets For You? [flv]

Show #2/3902. A Welcoming Front Entrance
- New Azaleas Bloom Twice A Year [flv]
- Beautiful Addition - A Paver Circle Kit [flv]

Show #3/3903. An Early American Garden With Many New And Exciting Plants
- Old-Time Methods For Planting Tomatoes [mp4]
- When And How To Prune [mp4]

Show #4/3904. View Your Garden As A Canvas
- Plants That Bring It Together [mp4]

Show #5/3905. At Home With A GardenSMART Viewer
- Pruning A Roses Bush That's Seriously Out Of Control [mp4]

Show #6/3906. Taking An Active Role In Growing What We Eat
- Understanding A Hydroponic Setup [mp4]


Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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