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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.


This season’s (2015) Video Tips:

Show #1/3901. Tweaking And Massaging A Unique Landscape
- Are Window Boxes And Hanging Baskets For You? [flv]

Show #2/3902. A Welcoming Front Entrance
- New Azaleas Bloom Twice A Year [flv]
- Beautiful Addition - A Paver Circle Kit [flv]

Show #3/3903. An Early American Garden With Many New And Exciting Plants
- Old-Time Methods For Planting Tomatoes [mp4]
- When And How To Prune [mp4]

Show #4/3904. View Your Garden As A Canvas
- Plants That Bring It Together [mp4]

Show #5/3905. At Home With A GardenSMART Viewer
- Pruning A Roses Bush That's Seriously Out Of Control [mp4]

Show #6/3906. Taking An Active Role In Growing What We Eat
- Understanding A Hydroponic Setup [mp4]

Show #7/3907. Compost Can Be Used In Many Different Ways
- What Is Compost? [mp4]
- Compost And A Mesh Tube-An Instant Garden [mp4]

Show #8/3908. Vegetables That Perform Well In Containers
- Growing Vegetables In Containers [mp4]
- Vegetables That Perform Well In Containers [mp4]

Show #9/3909. Getting The Most Out Of Our Turf
- How-To For Fertilizer And Spreaders [mp4]
- What’s Causing The Problem Beneath The Surface [mp4]

Show #10/3910. An Olmsted Landscape As Beautiful Today As It Was 120 Years Ago
- Soil Is A key To Rose Health [mp4]
- Pruning And Deadheading Roses [mp4]

Show #11/3911. Container Gardening Can Be Fun, Even Whimsical
- Select Containers That Are Water Efficient [mp4]
- Plants To Consider - A Petunia And A Coleus [mp4]

Show #12/3912. Approach A Site With Passion And Vision
- Common Sense Conservation Ideas [mp4]
- Blending Mother Nature With Formal Elements [mp4]

Show #14/4001. Healthy Soil Makes For Healthy Plants
- Perk Test [mp4]
- Make High Quality Compost And Compost Tea [mp4]
- How To Get A Good Soil Sample [mp4]

Show #15/4002. A Victorian Garden Experience
- Let’s Build A Water Garden [mp4]
- The Correct Soil For Succulents [mp4]

Show #16/4003. A Landscape That Is Nothing Short Of Presidential
- Slowing And Collecting Water [mp4]

Show #17/4004. A Functional, Yet Visually Beautiful Vegetable Garden
- Roses That Bloom Spring, Summer And Fall [mp4]
- Achillea or Yarrow, A Perennial Geranium And Coreopsis [mp4]

Show #18/4005. Community Gardening-So Many Benefits
- Backyard Gardening Tips [mp4]
- Great Ideas From A Community Garden And Gardener [mp4]

Show #19/4006. A Garden Can Become An Extension Of The House
- Petunias - Tough And Colorful [mp4]

Show #20/4007. An Amazing Park In New York Harbor
- Tough, Durable, Good-Looking Plants [mp4]
- Designing A Wetlands Garden [mp4]

Show #21/4008. A Garden With Natural Beauty And Stunning Architectural Elements
- Eric Talks Annuals [mp4]

Show #22/4009. Architectural Accents Add Real Interest
- Tropicals Make A Container Look Great [mp4]
- Replace Those Old Railroad Ties [mp4]

Show #23/4010. The Environment Dictates The Landscape
- Tips For Maintaining A Green Landscape [mp4]
- Plants For A Green Landscape [mp4]

Show #24/4011. A Garden For All Ages In Texas
- Small Space - Consider A Japanese Garden [mp4]
- Proper Soil Preparation [mp4]
- Introducing Kids To Gardening [mp4]

Show #25/4012. Don't Overplant, Plant According To Your Space
- Eric’s Gardening Tips For Reducing Maintenance and Headaches [mp4]

Show #26/4013. Connecting People With Plants
- Plants Often Have An Interesting History [mp4]
- Try Placing Different Plants Together [mp4]


Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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