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5 Favorite Pothos Varieties

5 Favorite Pothos Varieties

By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Horticulturist
Photographs courtesy of Costa Farms

These fresh and fun houseplants are perfect for beginners and plant collectors alike! Pothos (Epipremnum spp.) has almost universal appeal because it’s so easy to grow. It’s also decidedly versatile. You can grow it trailing from a hanging basket (so it’s up out of reach of children or pets), horizontal along a mantle or tabletop, or let it climb.

No matter the variety, pothos prefers a bright spot. Keeping it within three to four feet of an unobstructed east- or west-facing window is ideal. Don’t have a space like that? No worries. Pothos also tolerates low light. Water your pothos as the top couple of inches of the potting mix dries to the touch. Don’t worry about forgetting to water from time to time; it’s pretty drought tolerant. Just be sure to let the soil start to dry out. Pothos roots will rot if the soil stays too wet, and they suffocate.

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Lemon Meringue Pothos

Discovered by Costa Farms, Lemon Meringue Pothos was just released in 2023 and features medium green leaves edged in bright golden yellow as they emerge. As the leaves mature, the golden hue fades to light green.

It’s a medium- to fast-growing variety, especially in bright light and if fertilized periodically. Give Lemon Meringue Pothos bright light for best coloration; if you grow it in lower-light conditions, the variegation on the new growth will be much less pronounced. 

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Global Green Pothos

Found in Japan, Global Green Pothos was released to North America in 2022. It shows off medium green, heart-shaped leaves irregularly edged in dark green. Its green-on-green variegation makes it stand out from other pothos varieties.

Global Green is one of the fastest-growing pothos varieties. Its variegation pattern is most pronounced in bright light. In lower-light spots, there’s less distinction between the shades of green. 

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Silver Streak Pothos

The most common pothos available are varieties of the species Epipremnum aureum. Silver Streak is distinctly different. It’s botanically known as Epipremnum amplissimum and features long, thin leaves subtly striped with silver.

Silver Streak Pothos is a fast-growing variety, and like other types, will develop much larger leaves if it’s grown vertically on a moss pole or totem in bright light with warm temperatures. Despite its exotic appearance, it’s just as easy to grow!

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Baltic Blue Pothos

Baltic Blue Pothos is also a different species. This is a selection of Epipremnum pinnatum. Its botanical name refers to a feather, and is apt because as the leaves mature, they develop deep fenestrations (cuts), giving them a feather-like appearance.

A fast-growing variety (because it’s not variegated so it has more chlorophyll) Baltic Blue is super easy to grow, propagate, and share. 

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Manjula Pothos

Manjula Pothos is an elegant variety with white, heart-shaped leaves liberally variegated in green. One of the things that makes this variety unique is that the variegation pattern is inconsistent. Some leaves may be white with green edges. Others may be streaked and splashed with white.

One of the slower-growing pothos varieties, Manjula takes its time to vine out. Leaves with larger white patches are also more susceptible to developing brown spots if the plant is stressed.

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