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5 Fun Flower Planters

5 Fun Flower Planters

By Wave Petunias

The art of gardening checks so many boxes for fulfillment. There’s the intrinsic feeling of accomplishment from nurturing a beautiful flower. There’s the benefit of exercise and activity to aid wellness in a bodily sense. And there’s the soulful connection to nature that feeds a world-weary existence.

Add to all those values listed above a mental expansion for a chance to be creative – and have fun – and you have a complete package of happiness! As we grow into the 2022 spring gardening season, here are five ways to kick your flower creativity up a few notches.

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Photograph courtesy Wave Petunias.

1. Ombre Planter

You’ve heard of ombre hair coloring, clothing, décor, and more … but have you heard of an ombre flower planter? With so many colors to choose from, Wave® Petunias are the perfect flower to use in creating your trendy planter. Work in a single color shade and plant from light to dark. This silver-to-violet-to-burgundy transitions beautifully!

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Photograph courtesy @the_wicker_woman.

2. Tipping Pots

Create a unique display at your front door or in the garden by stacking several clay or terracotta pots and planting spreading, trailing flowers out of them. Quick instructions: Make a hole in the bottom of the pots if they don’t already have drainage holes. Then push a strong support rod through the holes and tip each pot in a different direction, standing them on the edges of the pot beneath for a fun, tipsy effect. Fill with soil and your choice of Wave petunias for spring and summer color or Cool Wave® pansies for early-spring and fall weather.

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Photograph courtesy Wave Petunias.

3. Upcycled Shoe Organizer

There are so many items in your home that can be upcycled to create a unique and inspiring planter. A shower caddy, a kitchen counter fruit stand, a rubber rain boot … the possibilities are endless! This shoe organizer puts color on full display. Select a single color, your favorite color theme, a sports team color combo, or go for a variety of different colors.

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Photograph courtesy @tamlk1.

4. Car Tire Planters

When tires are no longer functional on your car, you can give them new life in the garden by painting them in bold or pastel colors to coordinate with your Wave petunias. We recommend that you plant the flowers in a container and place the planter in the center of the tire lying flat in your garden. Arrange several in a line for a neat edging for your driveway or walkway.

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Photograph courtesy Wave Petunias.

5. Petunia Picnic

The perfect summer-weather planter combines the fun and adventure of al fresco eating with the bright, vibrant hues of your garden. Choose a traditional wicker picnic basket as the base of a super-appealing flower display, or try something more unconventional, like this watermelon-shaped basket. Tip: Line the inside of the basket with landscape fabric. This will keep soil in place and help with moisture retention throughout the season while allowing for drainage. Be sure to plant colorful Wave petunias to cascade over the sides, and bring a smile to the faces of your guests and neighbors.

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