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GardenSMART :: 5 Simple Projects to Recreate Your Backyard

5 Simple Projects to Recreate Your Backyard

By Brandpoint
Photograph courtesy of Brandpoint

Your focus changes during the warm weather months. Your backyard becomes your new living room and the most memorable evenings are spent outdoors with friends and loved ones.

This is provided, of course, that you have the perfect space for such gatherings. If you don't, not to worry, the right project can get you there. DIY was made for goals such as this, and a simple weekend project can recreate your backyard space into the outdoor oasis you've always wanted.

Below are five projects you could tackle in a single weekend to recreate your backyard space. Review each to see which inspires you. You can always learn more about the step-by-step process to complete these projects through project blueprints and video at

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A bar for the deck. A deck bar is an easy weekend project to house your cooler and act as a serving station for weekend events. Start this project by laminating four two-by-sixes together to form the top. Cut notches from four four-by-fours to build the legs for the bar and add the adjoining pieces to build the outside of the frame. Then add your cooler and connect your top to the frame with a hinge for a finished look.

A bench for sitting or storage. A beautiful bench that's perfect for sitting or storing comes together in three simple steps. Build the frame from notched pieces of Western Red Cedar, before filling the back with narrow strips of wood to form the backrest. Finally, build the bench and attach it to the frame with a series of hinges, ensuring the door can be opened whenever a little storage space is needed.

A doggy décor crate. If you're looking for a safe place for your pooch, one where they can rest on their bed without fear of being trampled, a décor crate delivers. The design is available in three different sizes based on the size of your dog and project plans for smaller dogs even include stairs.

Time to dine on your new table. Great memories are built around the dining room table, so when you want to spend more time outdoors, don't be afraid to take the table with you. Building a stylish cedar table is easier than you think, and the matching benches make for a cozy gathering spot perfect for a collection of family and friends. Follow the simple building plans and remember if you choose to finish your table, you should coat all six sides before installation.

Modern privacy right in your garden. Your garden is where you spend hours doing hard work, so why not make it a relaxing destination as well? A garden privacy nook can turn your favorite destination into a peaceful oasis with just a few rim joists, carriage bolts and Western Red Cedar two-by-fours.

Warmer weather is here but the season only lasts so long, so make the most of it while you can. Bring any of these five projects into your backyard and your favorite warm weather hangout space will be a spot you can enjoy all season long.


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