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Adjusting the Spray Area and Pattern of an Impulse Sprinkler

Adjusting the Spray Area and Pattern of an Impulse Sprinkler

By Dramm
Photographs courtesy of Dramm

The impulse sprinkler is one of the oldest and most popular sprinklers on the market. The sprinkler head rotates in a circle and squirts out a single jet of water. It has adjustable partial and full-circle patterns. Users can manipulate the spray distance, the strength of the water spray, and the spray direction.

The impulse sprinkler head is available on various sprinklers; Dramm offers four models with this style of a sprinkler head, the Circular Base, the Wheeled Base, the in-ground Stake Sprinkler, and the new Tripod Impulse Sprinkler. The versatility of this type of sprinkler, and the numerous adjustments to the water pattern, make it one of the most flexible sprinklers. It is important to learn all the adjustments and how they affect the sprinkler's coverage for maximum sprinkler use.

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The parts of the impulse sprinkler head consist of the deflector flap, the backsplash arm, diffuser pin, nozzle, trip lever, and trip adjustment clips.

Adjusting the Trip Lever

Adjusting the trip lever into its up position will allow the impulse sprinkler head to rotate 360 degrees. Check to ensure the sprinkler head can rotate freely. Otherwise, the sprinkler head may stop and only water in one spot. If the upper trip adjustment clip is rubbing against the sprinkler head, push the clip downward, allowing the sprinkler head to rotate.

Flipping the trip lever into its downward position allows you to set the sprinkler so it will only rotate between the trip adjustment clips. There are two trip adjustment clips: placing them closer together will create a narrow spray area and moving them farther apart will widen the spray area. To move the clips, squeeze the two ends and rotate them into position. 

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Adjusting the Spray Pattern

First, control the water distance from your impulse sprinkler by adjusting the water volume at the faucet.

Secondly, the impulse sprinkler offers further control over its spray pattern by adjusting the deflector flap and the diffuser pin. To increase or decrease the height and deflection of the water stream, adjust the deflector flap so it is in or out of the path of the water stream. With the deflector flap directly in front of the nozzle opening, the water stream will hit the flap and scatter left and right. Be careful not to adjust the water so it harshly hits the ground near the sprinkler. Depending on your circumstances, this may prematurely erode soil or damage tender young plants.

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Adjusting the deflector flap upward or out of the water stream entirely will reduce or eliminate deflection from maximum distance.

The diffuser pin makes contact with the water stream to vary the diffusion of the spray pattern. Turning the diffusion pin clockwise will increase the diffusion of the water pattern. Turning the diffusion pin counterclockwise will decrease the diffusion of the spray pattern and apply water in a more direct stream.

Try different figurations to get the coverage and spray pattern that works for your lawn and garden.

Visit Dramm’s youtube page to watch videos on adjusting the spray area and pattern of a dramm impulse sprinkler: and                                                

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