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Bring On the Bees

Bring On the Bees

By Delilah Onofrey, Suntory Flowers
Photographs courtesy of Suntory Flowers

Looking to create combinations that are buzzworthy? Beedance bidens from Suntory Flowers blends perfectly with sun-loving annuals.

The Beedance name has two sources of inspiration. One is the European pronunciation of bidens sounds like “beedens” (the letter I sounds like E). Second is these flowers really do attract bees! Even though they were bred to be sterile for longer lasting blooms, the plants do provide nectar and attract bees. You will notice they have a honey scent. 

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Beedance debuted in North America five years ago with two striking bicolors – Painted Red and Red Stripe and a fun, whimsical dancing bee logo. Painted Red has yellow flowers with red-orange tips. Plants become more solid red-orange in cooler temperatures, which makes it a nice choice for fall. Red Stripe has yellow flowers with red stripes on each petal. Stripes fade as temperatures heat up.

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To complete the series, a solid golden Beedance Yellow was introduced a year later.

When we saw how beautifully Beedance blended in combinations, we created a line of Suntory Mixer combos with bee names:

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Bee Fabulous – bidens ‘Beedance Painted Red,’ lobelia ‘Suntory Lobelia Trailing White’ and petunia ‘Surfinia Deep Red’

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Bee-utiful! – bidens ‘Beedance Painted Red,’ lobelia ‘Suntory Lobelia Trailing White’ and verbena ‘Temari Trailing Blue’

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Bee Daring – bidens ‘Beedance Red Stripe,’ scaevola ‘Surdiva Blue Violet’ and petunia ‘Surfinia Deep Red’

Look for these combinations and components at your favorite independent garden center.

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Watch a video about Beedance bidens:

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