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GardenSMART :: Buying the Right Lawn Mower

Buying the Right Lawn Mower

By John Deere
Photographs courtesy of John Deere

Taking good care of your lawn requires the right equipment – and that includes the right lawn mower. But with so many options available, how do you know which lawn mower is right for you?

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Spend a few minutes assessing your lawn, keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Size – If your property is smaller than half an acre, a walk-behind mower will work just fine, but for larger properties you may want to consider a riding mower.
  • Topography – For larger yards with some slopes and hills, consider a tractor mower to get the job done fast while staying stable on the hills. For flat properties, a zero turn radius mower, like the John Deere Z335E Ztrak™ mower is ideal for providing a quick, quality cut.
  • Obstacles – For mowing around trees and landscape beds, pay attention to the mower’s maneuverability and ease-of-use when making tight turns. For example, John Deere’s X590 Select Series™ riding mowers have power steering, which makes trimming around tight areas much easier.  Zero turn radius mowers also provide great maneuverability around obstacles on flat properties.
  • Deck Size – Of course, the larger the deck, the more grass you can mow in a single pass, but be sure to choose a deck width that will fit through the tight spots on your property, such as gates and shed doors.
  • Additional yard tasks – If your list of seasonal chores includes collecting fall leaves, hauling material or removing snow, look for a garden tractor with attachment options such as a leaf collection system, utility cart, or front blade to make the most of your tractor year round.
  • Service and Maintenance – Are you a DIYer or would you rather have someone else provide the elbow grease when it comes to maintaining your mower? Consider a brand with high reliability ratings, like John Deere. Many John Deere dealers also offer mower maintenance right at your house.  Also, handy apps, like MowerPlus, will help you keep maintenance top of mind. 

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