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Celosia For Fall

Celosia For Fall

By Kelsey Minalga, Ball Ingenuity
Photographs courtesy of Ball Ingenuity

When the kids head back to school and your summer flowers start to show exhaustion, you know that fall is here. But don’t put your garden to bed just yet! Decorating for fall has become more popular than ever with the flower industry bringing new and exciting fall plants to the mix. One of the most popular accent plants for the season is celosia, also known by the common name cockscomb. The reason for this new popularity is advancements in breeding for bright, vibrant colors and fun textures that complement fall combinations and decorations, adding depth to any container.

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Celosia has three different bloom shapes that are easy to recognize: The “spike” or spicata – Celosia Intenz is a commercial name you may find on a plant tag. The “brain” or cristata – look for Celosia Twisted at stores. And finally, the “flame” or plumosa – Celosia Floriosa is a new one to watch. All three of these celosia come in a variety of colors with a handful of uses from stand-alone plants to cut flower bouquets.

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Celosia plants are also very easy to care for. For potted celosia or in mixes, letting plants dry down between waterings is best. Place your celosia in either full sun or part sun locations, say under a front porch covering. This versatility makes it the ideal accent piece for your fall décor. They play well with mums, kale, pansies and other cool-weather plants, and the blooms attract butterflies making their final journeys of the season.

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If you haven’t grown celosia in your fall garden, give them a try this year!

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