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(that Might Change the Way You Look at Houseplants)

Justin W. Hancock, Costa Farms


Think about the word houseplant and the color green probably comes to mind. That’s natural, of course, and not a bad thing -- green is a great neutral color that looks good in pretty much every indoor décor scheme. But I know a lot of people like more variety. Since it’s hard to come by good flowering houseplants (most flowering houseplants like more light to bloom well than the average home provides), indoor plants sometimes get a reputation for being boring. But happily, that doesn’t have to be the case. Here are some of my favorite houseplants that have colorful leaves -- so you can enjoy lots of color without finicky flowering plants.

Crotons offer more variety than just about any other houseplant. You can find crotons that have big, broad leaves; long, narrow leaves; or even leaves that curl and corkscrew. There’s also a wonderful range of shades available from this colorful houseplant -- the foliage may be variegated with red, orange, yellow, purple, bronze, and white. 
Learn to grow crotons and discover the wide range of varieties!



Red Aglaonema
One of my favorite houseplants, Red Aglaonema offers outstanding red- or pink-variegated foliage -- and is also one of the easiest houseplants of all time. In fact, here at Costa Farms, we’ve found that tough conditions, such as low light and infrequent watering, actually help make Red Aglaonema become even more colorful!
Learn to grow Red Aglaonema.

Nerve Plant
Nerve plant doesn’t sound pretty, but it is! In most varieties, the green leaves are veined and netted in jewel-like shades of white, pink, and red. A smaller houseplant, nerve plant is particularly fun for desks and tabletops. It’s an effective plant for decorating whether you use it by itself or pair it with other no-fuss houseplants.
Learn to grow nerve plant.

Desert Gems
Cacti are hot and trendy right now. They offer a wonderful array of shapes and sizes for your indoor garden. One line of cactus, the Desert Gems, add color to the mix with gorgeous shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, blue. They’re so cheery and colorful they’re like living works of art.
Learn to grow Desert Gems.

Rex Begonia
Featuring some of the most exotic leaves of any houseplant around, Rex begonia varieties bring wonderful tones of red, pink, silver, bronze, and copper into their foliage. These plants are an exotic way to bring both texture and color into your décor.
Learn to grow Rex begonia.

Posted February 13, 2015

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