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DIY Marbled Flower Pot

DIY Marbled Flower Pot

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Like you, we've spent many weeks at home getting really excited for spring gardening season. But we're also going a little stir crazy. So we looked around for easy, indoor DIY projects for our garden using items you might find at home. Like excess nail polish in your beauty cabinet! Just about everyone has some lying around. Why not make creative use of them by painting a flower pot with a unique marbled pattern? Your garden can always benefit from personal touches like this. It's a simple process and soon you'll be enjoying your creation on your patio, windowsill or balcony.

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Materials You’ll Need:

  • Nail polish (two or three different colors give the best effect)
  • A ceramic container or flower pot
  • Bucket filled with water
  • Paper towels or plastic water dish (for drying)


Pour each nail polish into the bucket of water in a swirling motion, holding the bottles above the water surface. Then dip the ceramic pot in the water on its side, letting the nail polish adhere to the sides in a fun pattern. When the container is covered to your liking, let it dry upright on the paper towels for 24 hours.

Once completely dry, the colorful pot is now ready for your favorite flowers or herbs! Make sure the container has a drainage hole in the bottom before planting, or provide a few inches of gravel to control moisture. These colorful pots make great gifts, too. What a wonderful way to express your creativity in the garden.

Here’s the how-to video:

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