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GardenSMART :: Five Tips to Care for Resting Orchids

Five Tips to Care for Resting Orchids

By The Espoma Company
Photograph courtesy of The Espoma Company

Orchid blooms are truly show-stoppers, usually lasting for months! You can find blooms in practically every color of the rainbow and even white. While these dazzling plants may look complicated, they are surprisingly easy to maintain.

When taken care of properly, the striking blooms can last for several months and will continue to flower year after year. Don't give up on your orchid when it loses all of its blooms, it still has plenty of life.

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Phalaenopsis orchids, better known as moth orchids, need some rest before they rebloom. While the orchid is dormant, you can expect the stem to shrivel up and for leaves to dull and flatten out.

Just give your orchid some extra care during this period and you'll be rewarded with even more blooms next time.

Follow these tips to help your orchid rest:

  1. Refresh and repot. The best time to repot orchids is during their resting stage. Use Espoma's orchid mix to give plants the foundation they need to grow bigger and stronger next season.
  2. Keep plants hydrated. Water orchids weekly. Unlike many houseplants, orchids should only be watered when they begin to dry out. Watering when they're almost dry mimics their natural environment.
  3. Give nutrients. Feed orchids bi-weekly using Espoma's Orchid! liquid fertilizer. Nutrients are extra important during this resting period.
  4. Let the light in. Make sure orchids are still receiving plenty of indirect sunlight. Too little light will keep the orchid from reblooming.
  5. Chill out. Help trigger blooming by moving the orchid to a cooler room. Orchids thrive in temperatures that are between 75 and 80 during the day, but they prefer cooler temperatures during dormancy.

Visit to learn more about caring for orchids and houseplants.

The Espoma Company has been the pioneer in natural gardening solutions since 1929. Espoma provides an extensive selection of natural products that work in harmony with nature and are safe for people, pets and the planet. The company produces products to cover the nutritional needs of plants and to grow beautiful lawns and gardens. Visit for more information and tips about organic lawn care. 


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