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We might be jumping the Christmas season just a bit, but since many of you put up your decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving, we thought you would like to know about this new to GardenSMART Favorite Product, BlissLights.

Regina Rivera, Online Marketing Coordinator
Photographs courtesy of BlissLights

If you have had some scary experiences on tall ladders while reaching for the roof, you will be happy to know that the Spright and Garden Accent Light both shine from the ground up. You can easily wash your home in colors of the season. Just plug-in, point, and let your imagination take over. Both are energy efficient and weather resistant.

Maybe you haven’t teetered on the top of a ladder trying to hang lights from the eaves. Maybe you have. Perhaps you would like lights but not the climbing experience. Get rid of traditional rope lights and set up your Holiday display in minutes. The BlissLights Spright can instantly add holiday lights to your garden or even indoors. In this age of rushing, the Holidays can be hectic, but your lighting doesn’t have to be. Within minutes, you can create a truly unique lighting experience.  

The Spright uses the same technology found in theme park lighting. A redesign makes it affordable for every homeowner. New laser and holographic technology projects a vibrant star-field/firefly effect. The Spright's thousands of pinpoints of light create depth and a very natural-looking random star-field projection resembling a starry night. You don’t need to call an electrician or set up wires, just stake-it, plug-it in, and your work is finished.

The BlissLights Spright’s 2,000+ pin-points of light cover an area of about 30 feet by 30 feet (around two 2-car garages) eliminating the use of rope lighting and creating a unique lighting experience. It uses the latest laser technology with long lasting laser life and new holographic technology that stands the test of time. Originally created for theme parks, it brings the same magic to every homeowner nightly. A 6/18 timer is included in your purchase.

Adding to the instant starry lighting effect from the Spright, the 16-color LED floodlight is perfect for highlighting your garden holiday displays. You can use it to draw attention to your front door, light a pathway, or emphasize a tree – either garden or decorated Christmas tree.

The Garden Accent Light’s projection coverage is fifteen by fifteen feet. Just install it with the included stake and 12V-12W transformer. For you gadget happy guys and girls it comes with a battery-operated remote control. You can change the look and mood of your outdoor décor with a click of a button! It has a custom diffuser, which allows you to spread the light more evenly over your decorated home or yard. With the remote, you can control the color, intensity, and mode.

The Garden Accent Light is great to combine with the Spright and other products, like those inflatable snowmen or nativity scenes, to produce Holiday lighting effects. Use only one color or combine the colors to create the effect you wish.

Learn more about BlissLights at You can also purchase these affordable lights at the website. BlissLights offers free shipping to the lower 48 states. 10% of the web sales go to two not-for-profit organizations. If you prefer local sales, click Company on the website, where you will find a dealers section or other distributors to contact.

COUPON: COUPON: get 15% off your total purchase at the BlissLights website by using code GARDENBLISS. Coupon expires 1/31/2015.

ABOUT BLISSLIGHTS: BlissLights, Inc. is an artistic lighting company founded in 2006 after inventing, engineering, and patenting a unique multiphase diffractive holographic optics and light projection technology. The company focuses on manufacturing unique lighting experiences that are changing the way we see light and are leaders in laser lighting. Originally, the products were developed for theme parks, but the founding members of the company felt that the magic and joy of these lights should not only be limited to lighting professionals. With the new goal in mind and the drive for Innovation through imagination, these lights were redesigned to be affordable for every home. BlissLights set a new standard in the light industry and has dedicated its efforts to bringing a little more "bliss" into each home.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Regina Rivera holds a BA degree in Economics with an emphasis on Law and Society from the University of California, Riverside. She enjoys reading, writing poetry, and learning about new things. Her love of writing came young when she would write short stories and poems. Over the years, she has applied her love of writing in both her personal life and professional career. “And,” she says, “It has made me believe, if you love what you do, you'll always do a good job.” As BlissLights' Online Marketing Coordinator, Regina monitors the digital marketing agenda and works alongside the Marketing team in creating digital strategies, brand awareness, product development, and writes most of the company's copy.

Posted November 14, 2014

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