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GardenSMART :: Gift Your Pet Safe Spaces for the Holidays

Gift Your Pet Safe Spaces for the Holidays

By Big Heart Pet Brands

Holidays are fun for us, but they can be a little overwhelming for our canine and feline companions. All the new decorations, rearranged furniture, strange scents and holiday guests can be pretty intimidating for our four-legged friends. To ease your pet's stress, follow these tips to prepare a few safe spaces where he can retreat if he gets anxious during the year-end madness.

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Use Vertical Space for Cats

Install some cute cat shelves on your walls for your furry friend to sit on, or choose a stylish cat tree, like those from the Refined Feline. This allows for the kitty to still be around guests, but in a safe spot where he can watch the festivities from above.

Use Horizontal Space for Dogs

Set up a cozy crate for your pup in the living room and cover it partially with a blanket. This way, she can still hang around with family guests, but from within the confines of a den-like space so she feels safe. You can also set up a crate in a quieter spot for dogs to escape noisy crowds during holiday parties.

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Create an Outdoor Retreat

Don't just think inside the house — think outside it too. If weather permits, create a secure outdoor escape for your four-legged sidekick. A catio is a screened-in space that lets felines safely enjoy the outdoors. Companies like Home of Habitat Haven offer many varieties of catios you can assemble yourself. For canines, set up a cozy dog house where Fido can go to escape the holiday chaos if weather allows.

Remember to always allow pets access to the indoors at all times — especially during chilly weather. If you're busy with party guests, designate a trusted family member to let your pet in after a short amount of time. Or, if you own your home, consider installing a pet door.

Designate a Pets-Only Space

Why not give your furry friend a pets-only zone? Designate a pet-specific room, only accessible to your furry friends. An indoor pet door is one way to do this, or you could prop the door open just enough for your pup or kitty to slip in and out. Ask young children and boisterous relatives to avoid the room, so your furry ones can be alone if they're feeling stressed out. The room should include food, water, litter boxes for cats — and we recommend some Pup-Peroni® Original Bacon Flavor dog snacks for dogs.

Allow Pets to Feel Safe with a Sitter

Sometimes holiday stress doesn't come from people coming into your home, but from you leaving it. If you're going away for the holidays and can't bring your furry sidekick, a pet sitter can ensure he's well taken care of. Let the sitter know where your pet's special spots are so he can gently check on him, spend some time with him and replenish his food.


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