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Give Your Garden a Gift for the Holidays

Give Your Garden a Gift for the Holidays

By Brad Wardle, vice president, B-hyve
Photographs courtesy of B-hyve

Unless you live in a warmer part of the world, winter is usually when you bring your passion for gardening indoors and slowly begin preparing for the next growing season. Cold, dark, winter days are ideal for gathering the supplies you will need to start your planting indoors once the calendar gets a little closer to spring.

The holidays are also the perfect time to consider what to get for the gardeners in your life. Here are a few suggestions for some great, practical garden gifts that will make you Santa’s favorite green-thumbed elf.

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Shine Bright With Grow Lights

One of the biggest challenges gardeners face when moving indoors is how to ensure their plants get enough light. Whether keeping existing plants alive or growing brand new starts ahead of the changing seasons, grow lights are indispensable for spring prep.

A modular system like the LED Stack-n-Grow Light is a great gift for gardeners of any skill level. Easy to use and expand, the base unit of these systems typically requires less than four feet of space and takes advantage of the LED light spectrum. Additional units will drastically increase the growing operation by stacking upward, further saving precious floor space.

For DIY-ers who already have a good setup, a standalone light like this Agrobrite T5 fixture would make an excellent addition to their growing station. Or as a gift for yourself, because it’s been a tough year, and you’ve earned it.

Keep Your Growing Plants Warm

Winter is the time of year for freezing temperatures, which is not good for most growing plants. Your gardening giftee will certainly appreciate something that helps bring their plants out of the cold.

Consider a heat mat like this waterproof germination station from Seedfactor. Durable and reliable, heat mats keep seedlings at an ideal target temperature between 70 and 85 degrees F. This promotes better germination and increased growth, especially for flowering plants.

Newer and fancier versions have thermostats to help maintain constant temperature control.

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A Pot To Plant In

You can never have too many containers in which to plant. A true gardener will love seed trays to accompany their grow lights and heat pads, especially when most have already tried everything from used plasticware to takeout containers for growing seedlings.

A pro-caliber operation will need top-end tools, like these reusable plug flats that provide uniform ventilation and drainage for maximum yield. However, even a more casual gardening enthusiast will appreciate working with high-quality products that make their lives easier.

Other great options for starting winter plants include biodegradable pots. Made from peat, recycled paper or other fibrous materials, you can plant the whole setup in the ground, pot and all when the time comes to transfer the seedlings. 

Knock Knock. Who’s There? It’s Your Spring Seeds.

If you’re anything like us, then you probably have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the hardware store. On one hand, it might be the single greatest place in the world – a wonderland that sells your favorite products in one place. On the other hand, any trip to the hardware store (or garden center) will likely produce several hours of browsing and an alarmingly long receipt.

Sometimes, a gardener just needs their seeds without the distraction of shiny, new tools. For the right person on your holiday shopping list, a seed subscription will be the perfect gift.

Bloomin’ Bin selects, packages, and ships seeds and plants that will grow well in your specific area. It provides detailed information about planting, watering and care to match any gardening skill level, so everyone from beginners to expert gardeners can get great results.

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Smart Watering For The Win

Once spring arrives and it’s time to plant, watering becomes one of the most important parts of a healthy garden. Keeping an eye on the weather and monitoring when and how much you water are all vital steps as the days grow longer.

The gardener on your gift list will light up as they pull the B-hyve XD Smart Hose Timer out of their stocking. This water management device pairs with WiFi to let you control every aspect of your watering from a smartphone app, including adjusting for drought tolerance and monitoring hyper-local weather conditions.

Winter may be here, but that doesn’t mean gardeners have completely forgotten about their beloved green spaces. A carefully chosen gift will help your loved one (or yourself) get ready for spring planting and dream about warm days to come.

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Photos and story by Monrovia Nursery Company

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