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MODERN DAY NATIVES: The best of both worlds!
Cornus racemosa – Counties of Ohio™ Series of Gray Dogwoods

Maria Zampini, UpShoot
Photographs courtesy UConn Plant Database

With native plants becoming more desirable in today’s landscape, the Counties of Ohio™ Series of Gray Dogwoods brings together the best new introductions of an old time favorite.

Selected for their distinct and versatile forms, five new Cornus racemosa make up the Counties of Ohio™ Series and range in size from a ground cover form to a small tree. Each has their own unique qualities, form, and function. They have also been chosen for their salt tolerance, resistance to most insects and diseases, and their maintenance-free characteristics. The Counties of Ohio Series™ consists of:
Cuyahoga™ – Grown as a clump tree, it has a vigorous growth habit and a self-scaffolding canopy perfect for use under utility lines and in smaller tree lawns. Creamy white flowers bloom heavily and have a pleasant musk fragrance. Its dark green, glossy foliage is twice the size of the species and turns a rich burgundy in the fall. Both leaf colors accentuate the brilliant white clusters of berries, which are borne on burgundy-red stems in August.
Geauga® – An absolute standout in the series, Geauga® naturally forms a dense and compact, fast growing hedge that does not require pruning unless a more formal appearance is desired. Foliage is a unique black-green color, highlighted by deep polished mahogany-red new growth.
Huron® – This compact selection forms a dense, almost perfect globe. Attractive crisp green foliage turns burgundy-red in autumn.
Mahoning™ – The strongest grower of the series, Mahoning™ is especially attractive in the winter months when its distinctive gray stems are displayed. Dense growing cultivar with a vigorous stoloniferous habit makes an excellent selection for banks, slopes, reclamation, and naturalized areas.
Muskingum® – The lowest growing selection of the series, it is a stoloniferous ground cover form. Creamy-white flowers have a lilac-scent. Attractive gray-green foliage changes to a distinctive brick-red in the fall, showcasing its bountiful crop of bright white berries. Excellent as a ground cover, in particular on banks, slopes, reclamation, naturalized or low maintenance areas.
Counties of Ohio™ Series of gray dogwoods are hardy in USDA Zone 4. They thrive in full sun and well-drained soils but can tolerate shade and wet or dry soils.

About UpShoot ( UpShoot LLC is a ‘total plant breeder communication provider’ offering expert sales, licensing, and marketing of new plant introductions to North America and Canada.

Posted February 8, 2013

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