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GardenSMART :: Groundcover Sedums Make Gardening Easy

Groundcover Sedums Make Gardening Easy

By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms Garden Expert
Photographs courtesy of Costa Farms

I've always had a bit of an appreciation for the low-growing groundcover. 

Sedum is one of those tried-and-true garden plants that generations of gardeners have come to depend on. That makes them fantastic to have in the garden, but that can also make them seem a little boring because they’re so common. Dig in, though, and you’ll discover there’s probably a much wider range of sedum varieties available, including easy-care groundcover varieties that show off the same no-fuss nature as their upright cousins, but bring in a dazzling array of colors and textures.

One of the coolest things about these groundcover sedum varieties is the different way they can be packaged. Drop and Grow Sedum Tiles, for example, took me by surprise by how fun and easy using groundcover sedums could be in the landscape.

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The interesting – eye-opening, actually (at least for me) – thing about them is that Drop and Grow Sedum Tiles are made of a bunch of cuttings of different sedum types planted together. This creates a lush, interesting look; much more so than if you have just a single variety. It’s all the better when the tiles are made of stunning varieties such as bright and cheery 'Angelina' paired with purple-toned 'John Creech'.

The other fun thing is that they’re oh-so-easy to plant. There’s no digging required because they’re such easy-care plants. You just lay the mat on loosened soil, water well, and you can kick back, relax, and watch them grow.

This creates a ton of versatility on how you can incorporate groundcover sedum tiles in your landscape. A classic option is to edge a walkway or grow them in between flagstones in a path. Because the sedums are low-growing, they are not tripping hazards. Plus, they’re drought tolerant and beautiful! They’re also great if you want to go green: Breaking up pavers with sedum tiles creates a permeable surface, allowing the absorption of moisture into your yard, rather than creating runoff lost to the storm sewer system.

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Another idea? Employ these sedums as a lawn replacement to add beauty to sun-filled spots. They make weekly maintenance easier since you never have to mow (or irrigate) them.

Groundcover sedums are also ideal for creative gardening DIY projects. Go to Pinterest, for example, and you’ll find spectacular ways sedums have been used in decor, particularly in no-fuss vertical gardens and living walls. Sedums are fab on roofs, too – whether it’s your home or garage, or a smaller scale like a doghouse or even a birdhouse. Or, use wire to fasten two hanging baskets together to make a globe that you can fill with soil – then add groundcover sedums around the sphere’s perimeter to make a stunning hanging basket.

For more information, visit Costa Farms.


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Photos and story by Monrovia Nursery Company

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