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GardenSMART :: How Is Mom Always Right?

How Is Mom Always Right?

By Birds Eye
Photograph courtesy of Birds Eye

No running with scissors. Turn off the water. Eat your vegetables. As generations have passed, it turns out that mom’s advice (and let’s face it, it was probably grandma’s advice) still remains true. However, there may be more benefits to eating vegetables than even mom may have guessed.

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The USDA recommends filling half of each plate with fruits and vegetables. Why? Eating vegetables provides valuable disease-fighting benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, obesity and Type 2 diabetes, while decreasing bone loss and protecting against certain cancers. Vegetables are low in fat, calories and cholesterol, and offer nutrients, such as potassium, folic acid and more. Potassium, dietary fiber and folate have been linked to cardiovascular health, while vitamins A and C are great for the immune system.

Birds Eye vegetables is working to make sure more Americans eat more vegetables more often. In addition to producing over 100 varieties of frozen vegetable products, the company works with partners, like the Partnership for a Healthier America and Environmental Media Association, to help educate families on the benefits of vegetables. For more information, visit

Mediterranean Kale and Chick Peas

Quinoa, Corn and Basil Salad

Birds Eye Super Green Salad  



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