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How to Coil and Uncoil a Garden Hose

How to Coil and Uncoil a Garden Hose

By Dramm
Photographs courtesy of Dramm

Stop battling your hose each time you want to use it. The constant pulling and twisting causes wear on the hose and on you. These quick tips will bring back the joy of watering.

Coiling Hose

Step 1

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Turn off the water, drain your hose, and lay the hose completely flat. Make sure there are no tangles and kinks. If you are putting your hose away for the winter, disconnect your hose from the spigot and ensure your hose is completely drained. 

Step 2

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With the hose lying flat, grab a firm grip on the hose nearest to the spigot and begin making a circle. Here’s an interesting fact! Every hose has a memory and will naturally curl the way it was extruded. Use that memory to make a coil. This will make it easier to uncoil the hose next time you use it. The size of the coil doesn’t matter, whatever works for your storage needs.

Uncoil The Hose

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Easily uncoil the hose by moving forward and rotating the hose. Make sure to grab the hose and not the nozzle when uncoiling the hose.

Watch this video to see how to coil and uncoil a garden hose:

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Extra Tip: A brass hose swivel like Dramm’s Brass Hose Swivel makes hand watering much easier by allowing the wand to move independently of the hose. It will enable you to twist and turn while watering without tangling the hose.

Extra Tip! Periodically put Vaseline on the coupling to avoid having aluminum and brass threads/fittings fuse over time. It’s easier to remove the swivel or any “different metal” accessory.

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