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GardenSMART :: Keeping the Muddy Paws Off of Your Floor

Keeping the Muddy Paws Off of Your Floor

By Big Heart Pet Brands

Spring showers may bring flowers, but they also bring muddy paws into the house. It can be challenging to keep your home clean during spring, but with a little planning, your home can survive.

Here are some tips to help you make it through the rainy season:

Install Durable Entryway Flooring

If you own your home, consider replacing carpet or non-durable flooring with tile or heavy-duty laminate. Many dog parents forego carpet throughout most of the house to ensure the floors stay clean. If it isn't possible to re-do your entire floor, installing heavy duty flooring by your dogs' entrance door can save you a lot of worry.

If you live in a rental or an apartment where you can't make permanent flooring changes, place a heavy-duty mat outside the door and an indoor/outdoor mat inside. Using a durable, indoor/outdoor mat allows you to take it outdoors or to a car wash and hose it off when it gets dirty.

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Attempt Puddle Prevention

If you have a yard, create an environment that produces fewer mud puddles. Try installing gutters or directing your existing downspouts away from where your dog plays. Planting grass or another plant-based ground cover can also help. When all else fails, consider a rock garden, gravel, or even placing a bed of rubber mulch near the back door. If you live in a rental, make sure to consult your landlord before making any changes to the yard.

Create One Point of (Mud) Entry

If you have a home with multiple entrances, train your dogs to enter through only one. This will create a single area that needs to be protected. Make an anti-mud station near the door full of cleaning items, such as towels, wet wipes, a hamper, and some treats—your dog will quickly learn to be patient with some delicious motivation.

Protect Favored Furniture

Sometimes mud will make it into the house. If your dogs are allowed on the furniture, they may have a favorite place to land after they come inside. Cover that special couch or chair with slipcovers or a thick towel.

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