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Mandevillas for Hanging Baskets

Mandevillas for Hanging Baskets

By Delilah Onofrey, Suntory Flowers
Photographs courtesy of Suntory Flowers

No trellis? No problem! Gorgeous, tropical mandevillas are just as gorgeous and carefree in hanging baskets. In fact, they will tolerate more neglect than your typical annuals because they like it on the dry side. The key is to choose which varieties are better suited to hanging baskets and which ones are more suited to climbing up trellises.

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Suntory Flowers has published a guide that makes it easy to decide:

Sun-Parasol.pdf (

While Sun Parasol Giant and Pretty varieties are natural climbers, well-suited for trellises, Sun Parasol Original varieties, which are more like dipladenias, are bushier and more controlled for hanging baskets and containers. The series spans seven colors, including the new Sun Parasol Original Sunbeam, which is just loaded with sunny yellow blooms! We continue to be amazed at the flower count.

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SUN PARASOL® ORIGINAL Sunbeam - Suntory Flowers

Sun Parasol Garden varieties are especially nice for hanging baskets because the plants branch lower at the base and naturally trail or weep. These are available in white and crimson and can be planted in beds and window boxes, the way you’d plant petunias.

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Sundenia varieties are similar to Sun Parasol Original but have much larger blooms. Sundenia Coral brings a unique shade, as a warmer light red with pink and orange undertones and golden yellow throats. Additional choices are white and red.

Sun Parasol Apricot produces larger, light peach blooms. It can be trimmed to be dense or bushy or trained to climb. It’s a favorite I buy year after year.

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Mandevilla Basket Care Tips

Heat and light are the most important factors to maximizing the flower power of your mandevillas.

As tropical plants, day temperatures should be at least 60 degrees for bringing outside. Mandevillas are hardy to USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 10-11 and cannot withstand temperatures lower than 45 degrees for a long period of time. Peak enjoyment for most of the country is May through October. Gardeners in frost-free areas can enjoy them year round.

Hang in an area that receives full sun/direct light for at least six hours a day. In harsher climates, partial shade is beneficial.

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Water at least once a week, more often during extreme heat.

Mandevillas don’t need as much fertilizer as typical spring annuals, like petunias. They aren’t heavy feeders. Fertilize once in spring with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer, such as 14-14-14.

Enjoy your beautiful mandevilla baskets all summer! Even if you go on vacation for a week, they will forgive you!

For more information about Sun Parasol mandevillas, visit

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Photos and story by Monrovia Nursery Company

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