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GardenSMART :: Meet 5 New Super Superbells for Spring

Meet 5 New Super Superbells for Spring

By Susan Martin for Proven Winners
Photographs courtesy of Proven Winners

Whether you're looking to add a mass of color to your porch pots or grow impressive window boxes with fab curb appeal, Superbells® Calibrachoa are the best choice for your sunny garden. You'll be amazed how green your thumbs are when you grow these vigorous, vibrant flowers. Get a first look at five new Superbells for spring.

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A cascade of cheerful coral pink blooms will spill from your hanging baskets and upright containers from spring into fall when you plant the lovely Coralina Superbells®. Its uniquely colored flowers pair perfectly with Supertunia® Honey petunias, as its gold throat and warm pink tones are reflected in the pairing.

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SUPERBELLS® Grape Punch™

This dramatic Superbells® features large, bold blooms in a deep shade of true purple with a black eye. Create striking combinations by pairing it with deep reds and oranges, or brighten it up with the cool silver foliage of Quicksilver™ Artemesia. Like all Superbells®, Grape Punch blooms beautifully from spring into fall without having to remove its spent flowers.

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SUPERBELLS® Hollywood Star™

Glamorous is the perfect way to describe Superbells® Hollywood Star. Its fuchsia pink flowers feature a deep purple star pattern around its bright yellow throat. The bicolor blooms are easy to pair with lots of different kinds of flowers in combinations for full sun.

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SUPERBELLS® Morning Star™

Pastels are in, and Superbells® Morning Star is perfectly on-trend. Like others in the Star series, it features a fuchsia pink star pattern around its bright yellow throat. Pair it with soft blues, yellows and white for beautiful combinations in hanging baskets and containers.

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SUPERBELLS® Tropical Sunrise

For a bit of splashy glitz 'n glam, plant Superbells® Tropical Sunrise. Its incredibly unique flowers each feature stripes of orange, pink and coral tones—no two flowers are exactly alike. Plant this one in containers on your sunny patio where you can appreciate its novel blossoms up close. It will bloom continuously from spring into fall without having to remove its spent flowers.

What's So Super about Superbells®?

  • Masses of vibrant color
  • Non-stop bloom from spring to frost
  • Self-cleaning flowers—NO deadheading needed
  • Broad color range to suit every palette
  • Remarkable vigor and disease resistance

Uses: Hanging baskets, upright containers, window boxes 

Care Tips:

  • Grow Superbells in full sun to light shade. Since they do not like to have wet feet, make sure there is at least one drainage hole in the bottom of your container.
  • Superbells love to be fed! Feed them with Proven Winners water soluble plant food every third time you water. Also apply slow release fertilizer once in spring and again in midsummer.
  • In midsummer, trim back the stems by a few inches to encourage them to put on new growth full of new blooms. This will keep them blooming into the fall.

Discover the entire collection of Superbells® Calibrachoa here.

Contributor Bio: Susan Martin is an avid zone 6 gardener, garden writer and speaker who enjoys spreading her passion for plants to her fellow gardeners. Follow her on Facebook @Gardener Sue's News.


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