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More Than Christmas!

More Than Christmas!

By Delilah Onofrey, Suntory Flowers
Photographs courtesy of Suntory Flowers

You could say poinsettias are victims of success. They’re so closely associated with Christmas that they aren’t considered a normal blooming potted indoor plant choice. Princettia euphorbia hybrids from Suntory Flowers were bred to expand the potential and opportunities.

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The line debuted in Japan, Australia and Europe in 2009 and then three years later in North America. The initial focus was an assortment of vibrant and soft pinks not seen in traditional poinsettias. Then came Pure White, the crispest, whitest white on the market. Even the red is more of a cooler cranberry red. Sometimes you can see a slight pink edge or halo on the red bracts.

Princettia euphorbia hybrids are a little different than the standard poinsettia. Plants are more compact and branching to create many smaller floral clusters of bracts. For this reason, they make ideal centerpieces on their own or mixed with other greenery in dish gardens. One fan said the smooth texture of the bract reminds him of a fancy tablecloth! Traditional poinsettias can get a little crinkly.

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Extend the look beyond Christmas by planting in pots that fit your home décor. Farmhouse chic is all the rage – go rustic with wood or hammered or galvanized metal containers. Oblong shapes enhance this look. Place a few smaller plants next to each other in a wider container. Or go sleek and modern with simple ceramics. White really makes the pinks pop!

Princettias have an extended shelf life, so why not continue to enjoy these beauties well into January and February? Plant care is the same for traditional poinsettias – keep away from drafty doorways. Don’t overwater.

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As days grow longer, new bracts will be green. It is shorter days that bring out the color, just like with autumn leaves. In fact, commercial growers induce color by growing poinsettias under black cloth for part of the day earlier in the season. This is necessary to sell pink Princettia plants for breast cancer awareness promotions in October. But natural timing for color is November, which makes the plant perfect for Christmas. Amaze your friends with this knowledge!

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Also, check out this video GardenSMART produced on Princettia last season!

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Photos and story by Monrovia Nursery Company

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