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Anne K Moore
Photographs courtesy of OREGON® Cordless Tool System

Christmas is upon us and we're looking for perfect Christmas present ideas. The Oregon Cordless Chain Saw is one tool of many in the Oregon Cordless Tool line that caught my eye. I think it might be perfect for someone like my husband who only cuts down small trees and removes limbs. It just looks like it would be easier to use than the heavy clunker he has now. It could also make a wonderful gift for that tool-man or tool-lady on your gift list.

Oregon Cordless Tools are lighter, easier to use, ergonomic, and battery powered (no fuel to spill or burn, which helps to make them non-polluting). I know that one of my first thoughts, and probably yours too if you have used cordless tools in the past, is just how powerful could this chain saw be? From the looks of the stats and user reviews on the Oregon Cordless Tool System website, it is plenty powerful for those small to medium tree trimming and removal jobs.

According to Josh Huffman, Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager for OREGON® Cordless Tool System, “OREGON launched our 40V Cordless Tool System with the purpose of offering consumers an alternative to the hassles of gasoline, with the performance to do the job. The CS250 is a perfect example of that. You can now easily cut small to mid-sized branches or logs without mixing oil and gas, using a pull start, or letting every neighbor within a mile know you’re firing up a chain saw. Just charge the battery and it’s ready to go when you are.”

The battery pack comes in 3 sizes, 1.25 Ah, 2.4 Ah, and 4.0 Ah. With the larger battery packs attached (2.4 or 4.0) you can cut limbs 2 to 3 inches in diameter in approximately 1 second. On 3 to 6 inch diameter limbs, the chain saw will take approximately 4 seconds, while large 8 to 10 inch diameter cuts will take approximately 25 seconds. This performance may vary with user technique, chain sharpness, and hardness of the wood. Bigger is better in the case of these batteries. The larger the number on the battery, the longer it will perform before needing a charge.

As for lasting power, the 4.0 ah battery makes up to 400 cuts in 2-3” wood before needing a charge. For comparisons, the 2.4 ah battery turns out up to 250 cuts in 2-3” wood and the 1.25 ah battery up to 125 cuts in 2-3” wood. You can choose the battery that will suit your needs. In addition, the batteries are interchangeable throughout the whole Oregon Cordless Tool line, so you can add tools without adding more batteries.

Speaking of sharpening chains, there is nothing more annoying than getting into a job and then having to stop and take the saw to a repair shop to get it sharpened or if you are a DIY type, getting aggravated trying to sharpen it yourself. This chain saw has a built-in chain sharpening system called PowerSharp®. To sharpen a dull chain, just bring the chain saw to full speed, pull the red lever for 3 to 5 seconds and the chain will sharpen automatically.

This saw is also quieter than a gas-powered chain saw, better for early risers and the neighbors. Its lighter weight, under twelve pounds, and ergonomic design make it comfortable for the family woodcutter. This chain saw is not for a professional tree trimmer but if you or your gift recipient is a hobby gardener who only needs to trim shrubs and the occasional small tree, this could be the best tool in your garage.

Oregon Tools are available at many tool stores. Visit the Oregon Cordless Tools website, click on the Retailers button at the top of the page, then click on either the Authorized Internet Retailers button to see a list of websites or click on the Authorized Dealers button, enter you zip code, and the closest retail stores will pop up.

Chain Saw, Model CS250

Posted December 13, 2013

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