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Patriotic Planters Pack Punch

By Delilah Onofrey, Suntory Flowers
Photographs courtesy of Suntory Flowers

As summer gets underway, it’s not too late to jazz up patios and porches for 4th of July celebrations. A wide range of annuals in red, white, and blue make it easy to do!

Many retailers sell ready-made planters in red, white and blue mixes. These could be a monoculture blend of three colors of one type of plant, like petunias or calibrachoas. Or the mix could be three different annuals to create a red-white-and-blue combo.

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Two monoculture mixes featuring Suntory Flowers varieties are Million Bells Memorial Day Mix with red, white and blue calibrachoa, and Soiree Kawaii Lady Liberty Mix blending three mini vinca (catharanthus).

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SOIREE KAWAII® Lady Liberty Mix - Suntory Flowers

Peak summer, Million Bells are better for Northern climates. Soiree Kawaii catharanthus are great in the South and will sizzle all summer in the North, too.

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SOIREE KAWAII® White Peppermint - Suntory Flowers

Another decorating strategy is to place red and white varieties in a blue ceramic pot.

Soiree Kawaii White Peppermint makes the perfect filler.

Red mandevillas and dipladenias are the perfect summer companion.

Choose Sun Parasol Mitebuster Red as a naturally upright thriller with red blooms running up the stems. As a bonus, the smaller leaves are naturally resistant to mites with a texture that feels like fine sandpaper.

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SUN PARASOL® ORIGINAL Crimson - Suntory Flowers

Sun Parasol Original Crimson can be a thriller that spills some, depending on if it’s trellised.

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SUN PARASOL® ORIGINAL Stars & Stripes® - Suntory Flowers

One unique Sun Parasol variety that will create fireworks in your planters is Sun Parasol Original Stars & Stripes! White streaks radiate out from the golden center.

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SURDIVA® Bluesy Diva Mix - Suntory Flowers

What about blue? For summer plantings, we recommend our carefree fan flowers, Surdiva scaevolas. Blue Violet is a top seller, and it looks beautiful mixed with Surdiva Sky Blue and White Improved in our Bluesy Diva Mix.

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SURFINIA® Heavenly Blues Mix - Suntory Flowers

We also have some nice, weather-tolerant blues in Surfinia petunias – Heavenly Blue, Sky Blue, Giant Blue and Purple Majesty. Our Heavenly Blues mix pairs Heavenly Blue and Purple Majesty with Surfinia White Improved.

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