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Pets and Your Lawn

Pets and Your Lawn

By LawnCentral
Photographs courtesy of LawnCentral

Having a yard for your dogs to run around and act fools in is particularly important. For many people, pets are considered part of the family and having a lawn that looks good and also fun for everyone is a no-brainer. But once you find the perfect house with the lawn to match, how do you keep your furry friends from destroying it? Here are some tips to keep the lawn looking fresh while letting your pets get the most out of it too!

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Can You Dig It? Some pets like to see what is under that grass, am I right? After putting in the time to keep the lawn looking its best, the last thing you want is Fido tearing it up, digging for who knows what! Stop it before it starts. Redirecting your dog can be as easy as giving it a ball to fetch or setting up a designated digging area. If they are looking for critters or creepy crawlies, you may consider some preventative treatments or traps to remove the temptation at the source.

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Spot On. If you can, try to rinse away the potty spots to prevent yellowing or dying areas. More often than not, you’re going to have some areas that need to be repaired. Use a spot repair formula to fill in any dead areas from your pet’s urine. Another idea is to have a designated potty spot to encourage your pets to relieve themselves. Same goes for number two. Knowing where your pet is taking care of business will cut down on time spent on poop patrol and will reduce the area where damage will need to be repaired.

Roll Out! Rolling around in the grass is one of the many perks of being a pet. Take steps to keep your lawn healthy, lush, and ready for rolling by sticking to a regular maintenance plan throughout the year. This will help keep the weeds away, strengthen the turf and keep those paws safe from weeds that may poke. One of the first and easiest steps is mowing regularly at the proper height. Keeping the grass at the proper height discourages unwanted weeds from showing up, cuts back on watering and prevents disease. Aim to remove only one third of the grass height for each mowing.

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Another step for keeping your lawn tip top is to establish a watering and feeding routine. Watering early in the day, deeply and infrequently will give you the best results. There are several options for feeding and weed prevention. Chemicals, when used as directed, are pet and kid safe. Organic treatments are also an option. Do your research or ask a professional, but in the end, use the one that suits your needs and comfort level. 

Set Boundaries. If you have pets that like to bust loose and check out the neighborhood, a fence may be needed to keep them safe. Tall privacy fences can prevent athletic pets from jumping, are an easy solution for blocking unsightly views and for keeping unwanted guests out. If your canine companion likes to dig, you may consider burying part of the fence to prevent an underground breach. Use fencing to protect spaces such as a newly planted veggie plot or an established perennial garden. Have some fun with decorative fencing and add some flair to your landscape.

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Enrichment activities in the lawn can also be a hoot and easy to do. Set up the ultimate catio for your feline friends to enjoy the fresh air. (If you don’t know what a catio is, do a quick internet search and prepare to have you mind blown!) Planting or placing pet friendly plants in containers or the landscape provide a treat that any wet nose will appreciate. If you have the space, set up an agility course for hours of two-or four-legged fun. A swimming pool for dips, or sand for digging are a fun option too!

Lawns were meant to be enjoyed, so get out there, run wild, be free and make some memories. Just watch out for land mines! For more information about your lawn and pets, visit

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