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Kerry Meyer
Photographs courtesy of Proven Winners

If I had to recommend just three types of annuals for gardeners, I would choose SUPERBELLS® Calibrachoa, SUPERTUNIA® Petunias, and SUPERBENA® Verbenas. All three collections contain a broad selection of colors and are adapted to thrive all season in a wide range of climates. One caveat: they are all full sun plants that will do best with at least six hours of direct sun per day.

Here I’ll show you one new introduction in each “Super” collection for 2015. If you’d like to see more, you can read about all of our new “Super” introductions here. You might also enjoy this Pinterest board featuring all of our new “Supers” for 2015.

SUPERBELLS® Frostfire Calibrachoa
Superbells are a natural choice for combination container plantings, and SUPERBELLS® Frostfire is no exception. Its subtle white coloring and unique star-shaped, two-toned gold and red eye make it easy to mix with many other flowers though yellow, red, and orange varieties are an ideal match.



One of my favorite combinations called Living Proof pairs SUPERBELLS® Frostfire Calibrachoa with ‘Sky Rocket’ Pennisetum (an annual grass) and Sweet Caroline Bewitched Sweet Potato Vine.







If ornamental grasses aren’t your style, try this flowery combination called Cherry Peach Parfait which pairs SUPERBELLS® Frostfire Calibrachoa with SUPERBELLS® Pomegranate Punch Calibrachoa and SUPERBENA® Royale Peachy Keen Verbena.




SUPERTUNIA® Black Cherry Petunia
Supertunias are essential annuals for sunny landscapes and containers. They are incredibly easy to grow and provide a riot of color from spring through fall even without deadheading the spent blooms. True red has been an elusive color to come by until this new introduction called what else but SUPERTUNIA® Black Cherry. It features velvety, deep red flowers with an ebony throat and veins. Its deep green foliage is very well-branched, forming a durable, upright spreading clump.


SUPERTUNIA® Black Cherry creates a dramatic presence all on its own when planted in patio pots or hanging baskets. Imagine three of these beauties running the length of your front porch. Wow!









If you’d prefer to mix it up a bit, try this combination called Red Velvet Cake which can be planted in patio pots or hanging baskets. It features SUPERTUNIA® Black Cherry Petunia with Sweet Caroline Raven Sweet Potato Vine and SUPERTUNIA® White Russian Petunia.




Superbena® Royale Cherryburst Verbena
Verbenas have come a long way in the last twenty years. Powdery mildew used to be a big issue for this group of plants, but through years of relentless breeding and selection to improve their disease resistance, the issue has been virtually eliminated. SUPERBENA® Royale Cherryburst brings a fun new look to the genus with its cherry red and white striped flowers. It mixes best with solid colors so its unique star-shaped pattern stands out, and can be used in containers and landscapes.



Try this pretty combination called Royale London for a hot shot of pink in your large patio pots in full sun. It features SUPERBENA® Royale Cherryburst Verbena paired with SUPERTUNIA® Royal Magenta Petunia and SUNSATIA® Coconut Nemesia.








For hanging baskets that will keep on going strong all season long, try the Celebration combo which includes SUPERBENA® Royale Cherryburst Verbena, SUPERBELLS® Yellow Chiffon Calibrachoa, and SUPERBELLS® Cherry Red Calibrachoa.

Learn more about new annuals, perennials, and shrubs from Proven Winners by attending an Outdoor Living Extravaganza this spring or by requesting the all-new 2015 FREE Gardener’s Idea Book.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kerry Meyer lives and gardens in central Missouri on 10 acres near the small family farm where she grew up. She enjoys adding to and improving existing flower beds with the help of her young daughter and husband. Kerry holds a BS in Horticulture from the University of Missouri and an MS in Horticultural Science with a minor in Plant Breeding from the University of Minnesota.

Posted January 9, 2015


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