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GardenSMART :: Quick Fall Crops

Quick Fall Crops

By Park Seed
Photographs courtesy of Park Seed

As summer starts to turn into fall, you may be looking for some quick fall crops to plant while waiting on the rest of your fall harvest to come! Luckily, Park Seed offers a variety of fall crops that grow just in time for your dinner table. You can have a beautiful harvest of carrots, spinach, beets, kale, and radishes in just under 60 days.

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Our Mini Adelaide Hybrid Carrot Seeds are ready in 50 days and are the perfect size for containers.

One of our heirloom favorites, the Organic Hybrid Spinach Seeds, are ready just in 46 days! They are cut and come again, which will come back bigger and longer lasting than before.

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The beautiful colors of our Rainbow Mix Beet Seeds make gardening really fun. Not only are they a Park's Select, but they are ready in only 55 days! These five superb globe varieties have their own distinct flavor and will even tolerate a bit of frost without damage.

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Kale is such a versatile vegetable, making it easy to throw into salads, stir fry, or even make kale chips! In 60 days you can have these curly leaves that are packed with great taste and nutrition. These are perfect for southern and southwestern gardens. Having a disease resistant crop not only means great things for you, but also great things for your garden. You can have big crops every harvest!

Our Mini Romaine Blend Lettuce Seeds are resistant to downy mildew, tomato bushy stunt virus, and lettuce mosaic virus. You can have this great blend on your table in 45 days!

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Our Park's Beauty Blend Radish Seeds have to be the fastest growing veggie on the block. It's ready to go in just 32 days and tastes delicious! These radishes grow in a colorful bunch with a crisp bite.

Looking for a big spicy leaf? Our Southern Giant Curled Mustard Greens have an authentic "mustard green" bite and have big yields of spicy leaves. This is an open-pollinated variety and will never disappoint in the kitchen.

These quick fall crop vegetables are delicious, nutritious, and super easy. Growing fall crops are so fun and can be a creative change with a new season! You can dress up your veggie beds with some great fall flowers as well. Kale pairs perfectly with pansies, lettuces with violas, and mustard greens with snapdragons!


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