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Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

By Good Ideas
Photographs courtesy of Good Ideas

Did you know that the average roof collects hundreds of gallons of rainwater each year? Collecting rainwater is a personally beneficial investment and helps to fight the spread of runoff water pollution and erosion damage. Rain barrel water conservation is a good option for homeowners to utilize a freshwater resource for their plant life and more. Whether it is a small business, school, homeowner, or corporation, home and garden companies like Good Ideas Inc. offer various sizes, shapes, and colors of rain barrels so that your transition to freshwater conservation runs smoothly.

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Whether you want to water your plants or wash your car, the transition to a rain barrel opens a window of opportunity to reduce water consumption. The set-up for a rain barrel takes little to no effort for your home, school, or business. Rain barrels typically range in size from 30 to 100 gallons, but brands such as Good Ideas go a step further, providing volumes up to 265 gallons, assuring the best fit for your needs.

It is crucial to determine the optimal placement of a rain barrel. The location could have a significant impact on how effective it is at collecting rainwater. Make sure to locate the rain barrel where the water is easily accessible and utilized. If the rain barrel is placed where the water won’t be used, there could be a chance of fetid water accumulating. Additionally, when connected to a gutter system, keeping the gutters clean will reduce debris build-up on the input connection to the barrel. Many rain barrels come with a debris screen to keep any bugs, animals, leaves, and other unwanted material out of the barrel. Most rain barrels also come with at least one spigot. Water pressure is determined by gravity and how full the barrel is. Some rain barrels even offer two spigot options, such as the Good Ideas Impressions 50 Rain Saver, which provides the option to fill a watering can directly from your barrel.

Visual appeal is another crucial landscaping aspect. From washing off a dirty walkway to hydrating your plants, rain barrels become an alternative source of water to maintain the visual attractiveness to the outdoors, all without consuming more municipal water. Some rain barrels even have decorative planters built into the barrel, offering an even more physically appealing look. Below is a photo of the Good Ideas Impressions Bali Rain Saver for reference.

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How beneficial is it for someone to own a rain barrel? According to the EPA, the average home spends over $1000 yearly on water and 82 gallons a day for each family member. Water is a highly consumed resource and using a rain barrel could help cut the cost of municipal water bills and help the environment. Runoff pollution is a contributing factor to the environmental problems we face today. As runoff rainwater flows above ground, it picks up litter, chemicals, fertilizers, and other contaminating toxic substances while making its way to bodies of freshwater. Having a rain barrel connected to your home's downspout to capture all the running water off a roof offers a massive impact on the environment. Save money and help join the fight against pollution and protect our environment using a rain barrel!

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