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Chef Steven Poots is young in years but old in foodie years. He grew up in the restaurant business and has turned a love of food into a career. Chef Steven has worked as a Sous Chef in upscale restaurants in Columbia S.C. and is now a Culinary Intern at the prestigious Augusta, Georgia National Golf Course, where he has also worked the last four Master’s Tournaments.

This easy compound butter recipe from Chef Steven will stimulate your taste buds. The little explosions of citrus zest in the butter will wake up any vegetables or fish on your dish. Anne K Moore


Chef Steven Poots
Photograph Anne K Moore

This simple compound butter can really pack a punch! It can enhance and open the flavors to whatever you may add it. I recommend a nice white fish such as grouper. Adding this butter to fresh veggies really brings out those fresh flavors. It goes perfect over green beans or some broccoli.

2 lbs of unsalted butter brought to room temperature
1/2 lemon zested, juiced, and strained
1/2 lime zested, juiced, and strained
1/2 orange zested, juiced, and strained
1/4 cup of red wine (red grape juice for non-alcoholic choice)
Prep time 10-12 minutes
Prepares 2 lb

Let butter sit out at room temperature until soft.

Rinse your citrus and then roll each, under pressure from your hand, to loosen the juice from the pulp inside.

A zester is a great tool in the kitchen that can get those powerful scents and tastes from your favorite citrus. You can buy a zester locally at your favorite culinary shop. I prefer a microplane zester. Using a microplane zester is easy. You just place the zester over your mixing bowl and lightly brush your citrus over the zester back and forth. Alternatively, you may use a peeler to zest, while being careful not to peel too deep into the white pith, as this can cause unwanted bitterness. If you use your peeler, you can use your knife to finish by dicing the strips you peeled down finely, to about 1/8 of an inch.

Add the fruit zest into the mixing bowl along with the softened butter. Cut the lemon, lime, and orange in half and, using a citrus reamer or your hand, squeeze the 1/2 orange, lemon, and lime’s juice through a strainer (to catch any unwanted seeds) into the bowl. Combine ingredients by beating on low speed with a mixer.

Add Red wine, a little at a time, and beat for desired consistency. Alternatively, if you’re not a red wine drinker, you may use some red grape juice or even nonalcoholic red wine.

Using plastic wrap, lay out your Red Wine Citrus Compound Butter on pieces of plastic wrap large enough to wrap the butter rolls. Take the sides and twist them inwards while wrapping, creating a log/logs. Freeze and pull out as needed.

That is the beauty of this recipe. You can pull this out on a rainy day and have it whenever you need it. It will definitely give your regular butter a run for its money!

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