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Sprinklers 101

Sprinklers 101

By Dramm
Photographs courtesy of Dramm

Hotter and drier days for your lawn are here and sprinkler options can be overwhelming. Knowing the different benefits of each sprinkler type will help in choosing the right sprinkler for your lawn.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Sprinklers:

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Oscillating Sprinklers are great for fast watering and covering medium to large areas. An oscillating sprinkler’s cover range will depend on the brand. Dramm’s ColorStorm Oscillating Sprinkler covers up to 3,000 sq. ft. and provides gentle watering in a rectangular pattern. 

Impulse Sprinklers have adjustable partial and full-circle patterns. The sprinkler head rotates in a circle and squirts out a single jet of water. Users have the option to manipulate the spray distance, the strength of the water spray, and the spray direction. Impulse sprinklers can come on a variety of different bases. Dramm offers the Impulse Sprinkler on a wheeled base, stake base and a circular base. 

4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinklers are similar to impulse sprinklers but are easier to use. Four pattern options with adjustable arc tabs allow water coverage of any diameter. Dramm’s 4-Pattern Gear Drive Sprinkler features a pass-through feature, allowing additional sprinklers to be connected to cover larger areas.

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Turret Sprinklers are great for small or large yards. The variety of pattern options will vary. Dramm’s ColorStorm Turret Sprinkler offers nine different patterns, ranging from circle to half-circle to rectangle and more, allowing you the flexibility to water only the area you need watered.          

If you have low water pressure, there are a variety of in-ground or above ground sprinkler options available. Dramm’s ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler creates a very fine mist spray, requiring less water for thorough watering. Works with water pressure as low as 20 psi. Great for “well” systems!

For even more convenience, consider attaching a timer that will automatically turn off, saving time and water.

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