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Stunning Flower Combos For The Shade

Stunning Flower Combos For The Shade

By Kelly Johnson, PanAmerican Seed
Photographs courtesy of PanAmerican Seed

There are some truly amazing flowers and foliage plants that thrive in full shade and add textural wonder to gardens, borders and containers. Shade lovers tend to be very low maintenance and fill in large beds and containers fast. Consider using some of these mixture recipes when planning your next shade combo.

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Oversized Foliage

Mix any color of Beacon® Impatiens with different foliage plants to achieve a designer tropical look in garden beds and borders:

  • Hostas
  • Japanese forest grass
  • Heuchera
  • Colocasia
  • Rex begonias

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Common Colors In Different Size Plants

Echoing one color in a variety of plants is an easy way to create an elegant display. In this mix we’ve used Beacon Bright Red Impatiens, red begonias, and red and green variegated coleus.

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A Single Plant Type

Make it fun by simply varying colors and leaf shapes of the same plant type. Here we’ve combined Beacon Bright Red, Coral, White and Violet Shades Impatiens. Some other options include dark red begonias with glossy leaves mixed with bright red begonias with chartreuse leaves, along with a dark-green foliage begonia. Coleus of different hues and leaf shapes can also make interesting combos.

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Mix It Up

Be bold and enjoy being creative! Combine several different shade-loving plants for color, texture and height variance.

  • Beacon White Impatiens, asparagus fern, foliage begonia, red flowering begonia
  • Beacon Coral Impatiens, rex begonia, colocasia, deschampsia (tufted hair grass)
  • Beacon Rose Impatiens, foliage begonia, dichondra
  • Beacon Violet Shades Impatiens, white or blush euphorbia (baby’s breath) pictured

The new Beacon Impatiens has high resistance to the devastating disease impatiens downy mildew, so your combo will look fantastic all season long with no loss of color in the shade.

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