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GardenSMART :: Terra Nova Nurseries' Innovative and Smart Plants For 2020

Terra Nova Nurseries' Innovative and Smart Plants For 2020

By Chuck Pavlich, Director of New Product Development, Terra Nova
Photographs courtesy of Terra Nova Nurseries

There are many factors that go into breeding a new plant using traditional methods. Terra Nova Nurseries, in Canby, Oregon, has long practiced plant breeding, believing it is the intersection of art and science.

By being curious and innovative, Terra Nova Nurseries has climbed to the forefront of ornamental plant breeding.

The company's success is due, in large part, to the implementation of the "survival of the fittest" method in trial fields and beginning with the best genetic sources. Virtually all Terra Nova plants start with and are built from smart species selections. Unlike many of the company's competitors, Terra Nova starts from scratch and doesn't grab other's genetics. The company also doesn't make simple crosses to create yet another "me too" plant. Though knock-off plants are easy to make, they rarely have the staying power of the original.

Terra Nova's efforts in research and evaluation allow them to create great plants and breed with a goal in mind: create customer satisfaction and true garden performance with their plants. Though some breeding companies go such lengths as genetically modifying their plants by inserting genes from plants that aren't theirs, and sometimes bacteria, Terra Nova's stance has always been "let's breed it the right way, not the fast way."

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The Echinacea KISMET™ series was bred in response to feedback from growers and gardeners alike about what was lacking in current echinacea breeding. Concerns of low stem count and fast fading flowers were common complaints. Terra Nova halted echinacea introductions for a period to address these issues. Re-tooled and ready to go, the new KISMET line of echinacea has it all; phenomenal crown count, long-lasting color and great vigor.

Echinacea KISMET White amazed trial managers from coast to coast with uniformity and incredible abundance of fragrant, clean-white single flowers. The deep, pine-green foliage is the perfect foil for the flowers, too. Learn more:

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The Agastache KUDOS™ series marked a new beginning in agastache breeding and has gained the attention from many in the industry. Built upon a little-known American species known for its hardiness and disease resistance, the KUDOS series doesn't disappoint and remains a favorite all over the world for good reason.

Agastache KUDOS Red is a striking scarlet red with plentiful flowers that render hummingbirds helpless against its alluring tubular, red flowers that are filled with nectar. Hardy in U.S.D.A. zones 5-10, this brilliant agastache is easy to grow in full sun, with well-drained soils. Winter wetness is an enemy to most agastache. Learn more:

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Heuchera 'Lemon Supreme' earned its name from its one-of-a-kind, thick, lemon-yellow foliage. Bred to be the best yellow foliage heuchera on the market, Heuchera 'Lemon Supreme' shows up in a big way with an enhanced thick leaf that holds its color better than any other yellow or lime heuchera. Best in morning sun in the South, and part- to full sun in the North, 'Lemon Supreme' outshines all others. This variety also features large white flowers, each kissed rose-pink on the tips of the petals. Add to all its beauty, great vigor and perfect habit, and you've got yourself a new garden classic. Learn more:

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Heuchera FOREVER™ Red is simply amazing. It is THE go-to red for color, performance and durability.

Generations of work went into creating this best-of-the-best red heuchera. Heuchera FOREVER Red is moderate in size and features slightly ruffled foliage on medium-short petioles. Finding the right combination of colorful foliage, great vigor and habit was difficult, but gardens everywhere will benefit from this work. Charming white flowers crown this heuchera in the spring and summer months. Hardy in U.S.D.A. zones 4-9, this spectacular hybrid is just right in full sun to part shade and equally at home in mixed containers, beds and borders. Learn more:

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Echinacea CARA MIA™ 'Yellow' represents about 25 generations of breeding in echinacea. Large, fully double golden-yellow flowers are held upright by beefy stems that are clothed in deep emerald-green foliage.

A favorite in trial and public gardens all over the United States, Echinacea CARA MIA Yellow often gets attention from the sheer number of flowers crowning this hardy and long-lived American hybrid. This award-winning beauty thrives in garden settings and containers with little fuss. Always plant echinacea in full sun in well-drained soil. Modern echinacea need adequate food to produce and maintain a continuous supply of fragrant, long lasting flowers. Learn more:


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