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The Art Of Growing Up – The Vines Have It

The Art Of Growing Up – The Vines Have It

By Home Garden Seed Association

They shimmy up poles and curlicue around strings. They twist and turn, and keep us guessing. Go away for a week and come back to a glorious, melon-laden trellis, a wall of heavenly blue— or a pole bean gone wild! Want vertical interest? Color? Elegance? Whimsy? The vines have it!

There’s just something about vines that tickles the creative fancy. Challenge a gardener to come up with fun ways to prop up a climber, and the ideas spring forth like runner beans in high summer.

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The Short List Of What Annual Vines Can Do For Your Garden

Create a privacy screen in a single season: Just stretch netting between two sturdy poles and sow vegetable or flower seeds at the base. The bonus is better air circulation than a fence can offer.

Cast a dappled shade: Nothing is more romantic than an arbor planted with fragrant moonflower vine.

Make the most of your growing space: Want to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, or pole beans on an apartment balcony? No problem!

Make an inspired garden statement: The trellis is the art; the annual vine, a brilliant embellishment.

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But, first things first — what to trellis, and how. If a vine climbs with tendrils, netting with four- to six-inch openings, brushy branches, or string will offer something for the curlicues to grab.

Twining vines, such as morning glories and pole beans, will twist around anything that is in their path: a pole, a wire, or a convenient shrub. Sprawling tomatoes and tomatillos will twine around string, given the opportunity, but benefit from prompting and pruning to get them moving in the right direction.

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A Few Fast Edible And Ornamental Vines You Can Grow From Seed

Tendril climbers: Garden peas, cucumbers, gourds, melons, mini-pumpkins, winter squash, sweet peas, love-in-a-puff, cup and saucer vine.

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Twining vines: Pole beans, tomatoes, morning glory, black-eyed Susan vine, cardinal climber, cypress vine, climbing nasturtium, hyacinth bean vine, moonflower vine, scarlet runner bean, Spanish flag.

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