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Want to Be Better at Work? Get an Indoor Plant

Want to Be Better at Work? Get an Indoor Plant

Get ahead at work simply by having a houseplant. Learn more about how and why!

By Justin Hancock, Costa Farms gardening expert
Photos courtesy of Costa Farms

I’ve always been a fan of having plants around indoors. It turns out I’ve been on to something and my plants may very well have helped my career. There’s a growing amount of scientific evidence that shows having plants at work can yield real benefits. Here’s why.

Indoor Plants Make You Feel Better

Indoor plants directly affect our health. They purify the air by removing harmful VOCs. These chemicals cause a range of problems, from sore throats to headaches. They may even increase your risk of getting some types of cancer. The newer and more energy-efficient your office is, the bigger a problem VOCs usually are.

Indoor plants help you feel better in other ways than taking care of insidious VOCs, too. Scientists have linked having plants at your desk to a reduction in coughs, colds, and sick days. When it comes down to it, the better you feel, the better you work. (And why not save those days for time off when you can do something fun, rather than feeling miserable?)

Indoor Plants Reduce Stress

The more time we spend inside (and in dense cities), the more disconnected from nature we become. Scientists have found that bringing a little nature inside to our desks lowers stress levels. Exposure to a plant can even help bring a drop in blood pressure levels. The less stressed you are, the better you can be at your job.

Indoor Plants Improve Your Performance

Increasingly, scientific research shows us exposure to indoor plants is good for our brains. For example, some research points to indoor plants improving our attention span and memory. Other research reveals that indoor plants enhance our creativity and problem-solving skills.

So having a plant or two on your desk might just help you be a superstar at work or get that promotion.

Wondering what some of the best plants for your desk are? Start with these.
Chinese Evergreen
Money Tree
Red Aglaonema
Snake Plant
ZZ Plant

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