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Water is a Plant’s Best Friend

Water is a Plant’s Best Friend

By Therese Ciesinski

There are precious few places in the country where gardeners don’t need to supplement rainfall with some kind of irrigation. And the most important time for a gardener to be ready with a hose is when they’ve just put a new plant into the soil. One of the most common mistakes novice gardeners make is underestimating how much water newly planted plants need. When a new plant dies, it’s usually from lack of moisture.

If you plant it, you must water it. Even drought tolerant plants aren’t drought tolerant the minute they go into the ground. New plantings need more water than established plants. Their roots haven’t “taken” in the soil, and haven’t yet had a chance to grow down and search for moisture.

Consistency is key. Count on giving new plantings – be it annual, perennial, tree, shrub, vine, you name it – consistent water for however long it takes to establish. How long is that? It depends on the plant, and how dry the climate is. Trees and shrubs need the most – as much as a year of watering if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Annuals and perennials take about a month. Don’t judge by how the plant looks – dig into the soil. This video explains how important it is to water thoroughly.

Choose your watering arsenal wisely. Some people like to hand-water everything; others put the sprinkler on a timer and head for the lounge chair. It depends on the kind of gardener you are. Hand watering – by hose or watering can –allows you to get to know your plants and their needs intimately. Cons are that gardener fatigue or tedium may lead you to stop watering before the soil is thoroughly moistened. Dramm makes lightweight watering cans that hold up to 2 ½ gallons of water, and are balanced to avoid arm fatigue. If using a hose is more your speed, the One Touch Fan Nozzle lets you turn the water on and off with a touch of the thumb, which means less wasted water.

Water slowly. A strong jet from a sprayer won’t water a plant faster, in fact, the force is more likely to blow the soil away or injure the plant. Water should soak in deeply and gently, with about the same force as a steady rainfall. Dramm’s rain wands in a large selection of colors and sizes are designed to provide a full flow of water that thoroughly moistens the soil. Leave the jet setting for washing the car.

Dramm has been making professional watering tools for nurseries, greenhouse growers and avid gardeners for over 70 years. Dramm strives to produce products that save time and energy while providing quality products that will last a lifetime. Dramm products are available at local independent garden centers as well as many online sources. For more information and/or gardening tips visit Dramm online at or join Dramm on Facebook.

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