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Window Boxes Adding Flair to Your Home’s Exterior

Window Boxes Add Flair to Your Home’s Exterior

By Joe Rabione, Belgard

Does your home’s exterior need a refresh? Incorporating more plants and greenery is a great way to boost curb appeal and give your house a little “facelift” during any season. One simple way to add more plants is to install window boxes around your home. With a variety of options available, you can choose the one that best suits your style and installation abilities.

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What To Consider When Window (Box) Shopping

Installing window boxes does take a bit of preparation and planning. You need to consider several factors when finding the right window box for your needs, such as:

Mounting: If you have a brick or stucco home, you may have to drill into masonry and use anchors to attach the box. This will depend on the final weight of the box, including soil and water. For wood, vinyl, cement or aluminum siding, the box must be secured into a stud behind your home’s façade. You also will need to make sure it is properly sealed to prevent water from seeping into your home’s exterior.

Materials: What materials will your window box be constructed from? You can find window boxes made of wood, metal or plastic, and it all comes down to your own aesthetic and preferences. If you choose a wooded window box, make sure the wood is treated to prevent rot. If you go with metal or plastic, confirm the box comes with brackets for installation.

Drainage: The most important component is ensuring the window box has proper drainage – otherwise your plants will not thrive. Most window boxes come with some kind of liner to prevent soil loss and rot, but often they do not drain well. Make sure you have some drainage included to avoid your plants becoming oversaturated.

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Plant Time: What Works Well for Windows

You can plant almost anything in a window box with the right planning. Typically, annuals are a common choice for window boxes, as you may decide to plant new growth the next season. But you can choose to plant small fruits, vegetables and herbs in window boxes with proper care. Growing herbs in a window box is a great option so you can reach out and pick the freshest herbs for your recipes.

Perennials can thrive in window boxes as well but check your climate zone. Depending on your weather, they may not survive overly cold winters.

The most important thing when planting in window boxes is making sure you have rich soil. Consider blending potting soil with compost for maximum effectiveness.

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Plant Problems: Overcoming Challenges

Just like any gardening method, you may encounter a few challenges when dealing with window boxes. Since window boxes are usually located in areas with heavy sunlight, plants will need significant water. In areas with especially hot summers, you may need to water them daily.

Watering can add excess weight, so make sure your window boxes are mounted appropriately. If you are able, you can consider adding a drip irrigation system so your plants always get consistent water.

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