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Wire Cage Feeders – Why You Need One

Wire Cage Feeders – Why You Need One

By Duncraft
Photographs courtesy of Duncraft

Large nuisance birds like grackles, starlings, and cowbirds, along with squirrels, can present a challenge for backyard birders. They often monopolize bird feeders, consuming seed until it’s completely wiped out! And their presence will scare away smaller, more timid birds preventing them from eating. Consider the benefits of a wire cage bird feeder to resolve this and other issues. Here’s what we love about this style of bird feeder.

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There are many benefits to a wire cage feeder:

  • The caging acts as a barrier between your seed and larger birds. Big birds can’t squeeze through the caging grid, leaving smaller birds to eat in peace.
  • Gray squirrels can’t access your seed – they are unable to push their noses or paws past the wire cage. Squirrels will give up and jump to the ground to snack on any spilled seeds and the metal wire is chew-proof.
  • The wire grid provides lots of perching and resting spots for smaller birds. They can sit and wait for their turn to dine.
  • Wide caging allows for speedy fly in and out dining.
  • Many wire cage feeders feature a large roof which acts as a shield to protect seed from harsh weather like rain and snow.
  • Some wire cage feeders are designed with a bottom tray to prevent seed spillage and waste, while other designs offer an open bottom to keep seed from building up. Seed drops to the ground, encouraging larger birds and squirrels to easily feed from the ground.

When you add a wire cage feeder to your yard you can expect to enjoy watching many smaller birds. You may attract titmice, goldfinches, nuthatches, chickadees, siskins, redpolls and more.

With the popularity of wire cage feeders growing, they are now available in more styles than ever before. Here are a few Duncraft Brand Exclusive styles we are proud to offer.

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Seed or Mixed Seed Wire Cage Feeder: Duncraft Metal Selective (Item# 188G)

Discourage gray squirrels and larger birds from reaching the seed in the ports. Our 10-1/2 inch diameter roof keeps the seed dry for fewer refills. Watch smaller birds enter the 1-1/2 inch fly-through openings to feed. Includes locking cap with tray to catch spilled seed. Fill with any seed or blend. Durable green powder-coated finish. All-metal roof, feeding ports and tray. 15-1/2 inches tall.

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Nyjer Seed Wire Cage Feeder: Duncraft Nyjer Mesh Haven Feeder (Item# 4878)

Our all-metal wire caging prevents larger birds from getting to the seed, letting timid goldfinches dine in peace. Features a lot of places for smaller birds to cling and feed from metal mesh openings with a seed catch tray to provide your birds with another chance to feed. Includes wire hanger with squirrel-lock cap. Durable green powder-coated finish with chew-proof metal and drainage in the seed tray. 7-1/2 inch diameter. 15-1/2 inches tall.

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Suet Cake Wire Cage Feeder: Duncraft Squirrel Proof Suet Sanctuary (Item# 2692)

Provide suet for only your birds...not to uninvited diners. We’ve calculated the exact distance from the outer fencing to the suet cakes. Now your suet is out of reach and squirrels can’t reach through the tightly woven sides. Durable all-metal feeder with spring lock. 9-3/4 inch diameter. 7-3/4 inches tall.

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Platform Style Wire Cage Feeder: Duncraft Ground Platform Haven Feeder (Item# Q4842)

Protect your small ground-feeding birds while they feed. Features our anchored 1-1/2 inch haven fencing and keeps your small birds out of reach from larger birds and gray squirrels. Watch chickadees and others easily fly through the openings. Made from rugged green recycled plastic. Feeding tray stands six inches above the ground with metal mesh flooring to provide drainage. This caged ground platform feeder measures 15 x 13-1/2 x 12-1/4 inches tall.

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Mealworm Wire Cage Feeder: Duncraft Bird-Safe® Bluebird Haven Feeder with Pole (Item# 4537)

Our "resting area" perches are popular with birders and the birds. Bluebirds love the extra reassurance they get from eating inside an enclosed area. Attract bluebirds with the 1-1/2 x 2-1/8 inch tall oval fly-through openings on two sides. Features 50/50 clearview plastic panel with 1-1/2 inch wire fencing in the front and back, perfect for viewing your bluebirds. Watch bluebirds fly right through the openings on all four sides to feed. The clearview plastic roof keeps your roasted mealworms dry from wet weather. Durable blue recycled plastic with 72-inch tall sectional pole. Measures 11-1/2 x 7 x 7-1/4 inches tall.


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Block Style Wire Cage Feeder: Duncraft Weather Log Haven (Item# 4575)

Attract birds with our safe haven seed log feeding station. Smaller songbirds, like chickadees, prefer the protection they receive from our 1-1/2 inch haven fencing. With the 16-inch diameter weather guard to keep your seed log dry, your log lasts a lot longer! Includes an eye hook for hanging with brass-plated accents. Fits any size seed log or cylinder, seed log sold separately. Clearview plastic weather guard with metal haven fencing. 9-3/4 x 11-3/4 inches tall.

Happy Birding!

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