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Wood Fire Cooking

Wood Fire Cooking

By Memphis Grills
Photographs courtesy of Memphis Grills

As a pioneer and leader in the pellet grill industry, Memphis Wood Fire Grills has redefined outdoor cooking by bringing versatility and sophistication to the fastest growing category in grilling. Its award-winning lineup of pellet grills offers the ability to smoke, sear, roast and bake almost anything you can dream up with ease and amazing wood fire flavor!

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Why is wood fire cooking the fastest growing trend with consumers? Wood fire cooking enhances the flavor and juiciness of the meat or whatever you are cooking with a quality and taste that is unmatched. From wood-fired pizza to low-and-slow ribs, nothing beats the natural flavor of cooking with wood. While your choice of apple- to mesquite-flavored pellets burn, the flavor is slowly infused into the food, offering amazing cooking results with the ease and versatility of the premier appliances found in a high-end indoor kitchen. Want to smoke a brisket, sear a steak, roast a turkey or even convection bake fresh bread? It’s all possible on one grill!

Memphis Grills’ dedicated engineering team and passion for great food is the catalyst behind their drive for superior grilling, starting with their exclusive 1-touch temperature control and the unveiling of their newest grill lineup featuring patented IntelliBurn Technology™.

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IntelliBurn Technology provides the most efficient and effective burn system available in wood fire grilling. This patented and game-changing technology utilizes secondary combustion to provide a clean burn, conserve pellets and extend cooking time. For the griller, this means increased starting power, more precise temperature control and a reduction in cleaning and maintenance. The new grills also offer a user-friendly touch screen controller and the ability to monitor temps of up to three different foods from your sofa or pool with the Bluetooth-enabled Memphis app.

Beyond efficiency and convenience, a Memphis pellet grill offers the outdoor chef true convection cooking and the ability to cook with both indirect and direct flame options at temperatures ranging from 180-700°+.  True convection cooking means there is a consistent temperature throughout the cooking chamber, eliminating the need for a rotisserie. Our exclusive 1-touch ITC (Intelligent Temperature Control) automatically maintains your desired temperature just like an oven, all the way up to 700°+! The Direct Flame Insert that comes standard with each Memphis grill provides the ability to grill on high heat directly over a sizzling wood fire. The Indirect Flame Insert allows for low-and-slow cooking, perfect for ribs, roasting vegetables or baking pies and breads.

For optimal performance and durability, each Memphis grill is also constructed with durable 304 stainless steel and oven grade gasketing to maintain temperature. They are also equipped with heavy-duty stainless-steel grates. Each model is available as a cart and a built-in for easy insertion in an outdoor kitchen setting. Coordinating stainless-steel doors and drawers create a beautiful, seamless look with the ultimate in function.

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If an outdoor kitchen is in your plans, you’re in luck! Memphis now offers luxury outdoor kitchen options designed exclusively for our grills. Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with a beautiful stone island personalized with your choice of stone and granite finish that’s easy to assemble and delivered right to your door with a step-by-step instruction guide. Constructed of the highest quality materials, these customizable islands turn your outdoor kitchen dreams into reality without the need for a builder, contractor, or landscaper.

For superior performance, sophistication and versatility, Memphis Wood Fire Grills brings the art of wood fire cooking to your backyard with the latest in grilling technology, aesthetics, and flavor!

Find out more at or call us at 888-883-2260.

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