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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season’s (2023) Video Tips:

Show #01/7101. An Iconic Garden With Over 7 Million Bulbs

Show #02/7102. Blooms - From Spring To Fall

Show #03/7103. Garden Transformation - Make A Garden Bold And Fun

Show #04/7104. Garden Transformation - Plant Pairings, Placement And Design

Show #05/7105. Containers Elevate A Design And Create Exciting Focal Points

Show #06/7106. Container Gardening - Planting And Maintenance Tips

Show #07/7107. Introduce Water Into Your Garden

Show #08/7108. Designing And Care Of Daffodils

Show #09/7109. Where To Start Rejuvenating A Back Yard

Show #10/7110. Back Yard Makeover - The Foundation

Show #11/7111. Backyard Makeover - Finishing Touches

Show #12/7112. Turf Tips

Show #13/7113. An Historic Garden On The Grounds Of Buchart Castle In Meise, Belgium

Show #14/7201. Gardening And Flowers Connect People

Show #15/7202. Making A House Your Home

Show #16/7203. Taking An Active Role In Growing And Foraging What We Eat

Show #17/7204. Beautiful, Practical Breeding Advancements In Plants

Show #18/7205. Therapeutic Benefits Of Gardening

Show #19/7206. Designing A Four-Season Garden

Show #20/7207. Fine Tuning Garden Design

Show #21/7208. Plant Selection And Plant Placement

Show #22/7209. Using Indoor Plants, Outside

Show #23/7210. A Garden That - Enhances Nature's Beauty

Show #24/7211. A Garden 500 Years Old

Show #25/7212. Converting A Tired Landscape

Show #26/7213. Setting Up A Garden For Success

Show #27/7301. Monarch Butterflies & Pollinator Gardens

Show #28/7302. The Bounty Of Family Farms

Show #29/7303. Identifying Fantastic Roses

Show #30/7304. Two Gardeners Share Lessons Learned

Show #31/7305. Gardening With Windmills

Show #32/7306. Two Home Gardens In Maui

Show #33/7307. A Deep Dive Into Roses

Show #34/7308. The Beautifully Restored Gardens Of A 17th Century Castle

Show #35/7309. An Amazingly Beautiful Garden With A View

Show #36/7310. A Beautiful 207 Acre Southern California Botanical Garden

Show #37/7311. A Public Garden On The Valley Isle In Hawaii

Show #38/7312. Worlds Largest Flower Auction

Show #39/7313. The Inspiration Garden Comes To Life

Show #40/7401. Conservation And Gardening - Go Hand In Hand

Show #41/7402. Biltmore Lights

Show #42/7403. The Importance Of Trees

Show #43/7404. Behind The Scenes At Biltmore

Show #44/7405. A Landscape Plan Provides Starting Points

Show #45/7406. A Farm-To-Table Feast

Show #46/7407. A Garden Space That's A Haven For Wildlife

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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By Heirloom Roses
Photographs courtesy of Heirloom Roses

In many areas of the country this is an excellent time to prune roses. Although rose pruning may seems daunting, it’s not hard to learn and the results are well worth the effort. For an informative article on rose pruning, click here .

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