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Every week we will publish "Video Tips" on this page. These short video clips contain valuable information that will help you in your gardening adventures. If you click on the link, Windows Media Player will open and the video will start playing. You can also right click on the link to save it to your local drive to view it later.

This season’s (2021) Video Tips:

Show #1/6301. An Estate And Gardens That Have Endured, Even Flourished, For Over 100 years

Show #2/6302. Springtime - Time To Have Fun In Your Garden

Show #3/6303. Daffodils And Companion Plants

Show #4/6304. Historic Sites And Beautiful Gardens

Show #5/6305. Limitless Opportunities For Container Gardening

Show #6/6306. Water Is Precious, We Must Protect It

Show #7/6307. Six Unique Gardens Provide Insight Into Atlanta's History

Show #8/6308. Bringing A New Plant To Market

Show #9/6309. An Historic Golf Course-A Great Place For Turf Tips

Show #10/6310. Azaleas-From Propagation To The Landscape

Show #11/6311. Every Garden Has Its’ Challenges

Show #12/6312. Bellingrath Gardens

Show #13/6313. Cornerstone Gardens

Show #14/6401. The Gardens At Mt. Vernon

Show #15/6402. Thomas Jefferson - An Old Man, Yet A Young Gardener

Show #16/6403. As Gardeners We Can Make A Difference

Show #17/6404. Sprucing Up An Entryway

Show #18/6405. The 1, 2, 3 Of Landscape Design

Show #19/6406. Four Gardens In The High Desert

Show #20/6407. A Unique Botanical Garden

Show #21/6408. A Community Garden Designed With Sustainability In Mind

Show #22/6409. A Landscape That Inspires Fabric Design

Show #23/6410. The Nation's First Civic Garden

Show #24/6411. Inspiring Design Utilizing Containers

Show #25/6412. Impressive Small Space Vegetable Production

Show #26/6413. Pushing The Boundaries On Hedges

Show #27/6501. Beautiful Containers In Beautiful Settings

Show #28/6502. A New Garden-Where To Start

Show #29/6503. Design Principles For Creating Intimate Garden Venues

Show #30/6504. Inside The Mind Of A Creative Landscape Designer

Show #31/6505. Choosing The Right Plants And Trees

Show #32/6506. Irrigation, Containers And Shade

Show #33/6507. Plants And Trees

Show #34/6508. Garden Design And Containers

Check back every week for more "Smart Tips".

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