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Show #10/1110. Wisconsin Hidden Gem

Pay Attention To Your Plants

This is the All American Selections Demonstration Garden. This is 1 of 175 display gardens in the country for All American Selections and the intent was to display award winning seasonal plants. All American selections has been around since the 1930's promoting both seasonals as well as vegetables. The intent with this display was to take some of the guesswork out and show people some award winning seasonals that can be grown successfully at home. All American Selections are and have been trialed from coast to coast north and south. Pretty much where ever you live you can be assured the All American Selections plants in your area will do well in your garden. These plants are available in the market place and there are more things coming up.

The message Mark would like to leave us with is that we should know the plant before it goes into the ground. So many of us are plant-plunkers. We put the plants in the ground and don't know what they need. We have expectations of the plants but they have expectations of us. There is always a push to put out new plant material. What's new out there? New is good in some respects but always remember that a new plant isn't always good and a good plant isn't always new. That's important to know. By knowing your plant you can take a lot of gardening problems away. And, providing proper care is paramount.

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