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Arizona Oasis

Great Plants For A Small Space

This is an example of what can be done in a small space and possibly something for someone with physical limitations. It is one small bed but has a variety of plants. It has everything from succulents, such as a beautiful Ice Plant which is flowering to Agaves. Paul's favorite Agave is Queen Victoria agave, Agave victoriae-reginae. They have beautiful lines. There are other Cacti in here, for example Red Spine Barrel, which is about to flower. There are many other plants in the area which shows how much variety can be packed into a small space. Because it's a raised bed it's easy to come in and work, it has easy access which could be most helpful for an older person or someone with physical limitations. It also has lights which allows one to enjoy the garden at night. This area shows that one doesn't need a lot of space to have a lot of impact and a beautiful garden.

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