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Show #45/1406. American Renaissance Gardens in Florida

Ideas For Our Home Garden

We next visit another room, which although simple is Laurie's favorite. It is simple enough that one can see all the ideas at work that we've seen in the other gardens. Here it's clear and basic. It starts with an introduction with the water feature, then a lower level, a change in level, about 3 steps, there is a contrast of textures with stone, some a native stone in the hardscape and then the turf. There is a sense of enclosure both through the architecture and the plants working together. It is then all pulled together by a focal point at the end, a statue. It not only draws ones eye but one wants to run up and see what's going on. Laurie thinks it captures in a really simple way a lot of the elements that make the gardens at Vizcaya terrific. In a big place, it's easy to get intimidated and think this is unrealistic for me. That's not true. For example, consider all the water features that are incorporated throughout the garden. In our own garden we could utilize something as simple as a small water feature which could be purchased for a few dollars but still provide sound. The Maze Garden is another example. There were some plants that worked there, some that didn't. Substitutions were needed but rather than give up, keep trying new things. Focal points have been used effectively throughout this garden and they can be used in our own gardens by utilizing statuary, plants or trees. Every garden should have focal points. The lessons learned here are examples of classic landscape design and can be applied to our own gardens. That's what we try to do at Garden Smart, take the big picture and bring it home, make it applicable to our own gardens.

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