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Show #50/1411. South Florida Botanical Garden

Gardens Are An Evolution

A lot of lessons from this show apply to gardeners everywhere. First we've learned that there is always hope for tomorrow. Gardens are never a finished product. The hurricane damage we've see in this garden has given this garden character. Gardens are an evolution, they're never finished. Even though natural disasters are devastating, there are things we can do. Nature is resilient but we can add a little extra care. An example would be the Palm trees that were blown over. Laura lightened the load of the canopy, supported the front or added a bolder at the back and the trees have survived. And they are now unique, they tell us about the history of Flamingo Gardens. We were reminded that trees aren't arbors although they do coexist with epiphytes, for example. Don't allow a lot of heavy vines to grow on trees and weigh them down. Nature is always changing, we can learn to deal with that change and benefit from that change. It's what makes gardening fun and exciting.

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