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Plant Propagation

Diversity And Changes In The Plant Kingdom

The plant kingdom is an amazing thing. There is so much diversity, so much interest and always new things happening as we cross pollinate and as new sports arise. Basically most of what we do today is the result of natural diversity in the plant world. Some may confuse that with genetically modified plants which is not part of our landscape palette. These plants are a result of cross pollinations or sports and represent the natural diversity in the plant kingdom. We've seen some incredible examples of brand new flower forms, different textures, different plant forms and a lot of disease resistance that's been bred back into plants. All this opens up brand new avenues for gardeners to try plants they've never been able to try before and to experience plants in a whole new way. So gardeners, get out there, take a look at what's going on. There are many exciting new plants, a lot of stuff that's going on with breeding work, a lot of interesting colors and great ways to use plants in your garden. It's a great time to be a gardener.

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