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Show #32/1706
Texas - A Convergence of Plants

Conserving Water

Paul feels he left the best for last. THIS IS THE COTTAGE GARDEN. It has a little bit of turf but the point here is to show that if one wants some turf, just use a smaller amount. This results is decreased water usage. Less is better. There are plenty of herbs in this area. Tagetes lucida Mexican Mint Marigold is a favorite of Paul's. His wife will only eat catfish if he uses it. In the fall it's covered with flowers. They also have annuals like Beta vulgaris subsp. Cicla Swish Chard Bright Lights. Many think it is Rhubarb. Rosa hybrid is included as is Senecio cineraria Dusty Miller which is next to the Frangula dianthes. Stachys byzantina Lambs' Ear is included and attractive with its grey-green foliage which is a good indicator of drought tolerance.

Paul has used a tumbled glass on the pathway. Once handled, you realize it's smooth. It's attractive, a good way to recycle and a great way to allow water to drain through, rather than running off. Joe asks Paul - In the 30 years you've been here, you have undoubtedly learned a lot, what is your advice for our Garden Smart audience? Paul feels that if one has gardening, horticultural or botanical questions, consult your local botanical garden. They're an underutilized resource.

If it works for the Botanical Garden it can most likely work for you. Great advice, we've learned a lot here and hope many in our audience get a chance to visit. It's a great botanical garden.

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