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Woody Ornamentals

Hydrangea Arborescens

The next plant has huge flowers. It's a new hydrangea they developed called Incrediball. And it's rightfully named. The blooms are very large. It's a hydrangea arborescens, sometimes called Hills of Snow or annabelle hydrangea. This particular variety, Incrediball, has really large flowers and it's very easy to care for, very easy to grow. If you want to prune the plant in early spring you can cut it to the ground, it forms it's flower buds on new wood, so pruning in early spring is no problem. It's very hearty and has beautiful blooms every year. The blooms are at least twice as big as a regular annabelle.

And, they now have a pink version of the plant. It's an exciting introduction, it's never come in any color other than white but they now have a pink version. And, that's a first, the first time ever to have an arborescens with a ball shaped flower that's something other than white.

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