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Springtime At Atlanta Botanical Garden

Designing An Entryway

Pamela is on the set of a GardenSMART makeover and talking about dressing up an entryway. The entry is where people stop and look around while they're waiting for you to come to the door. So it's a great place for you to say - Welcome! What the homeowner did in this situation was choose a container that fits the spot well from a color standpoint. If you look at it, the red of the pot is repeated in the red of the door, the green of the pot is repeated in the green of the wall. Another point that Pamela finds interesting as far as coordination is the green and white of the leaves of the grass are quite similar to the patterns going down the pot. And the red New Guinea Impatiens are repeated in the red of the pot. And she likes the fact that a vertical plant was used in the center of the container. This container and plants fit well in this space. If she sees one mistake people make at their entry it's getting a small pot for a big entry. So whatever size you think you need - get something bigger and try it out. Pamela thinks you'll be very happy.

To learn more about Pamela's design ideas visit her web site:
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