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Show #13/2313 - Springtime At Atlanta Botanical Garden

Planting Bulbs

A question we frequently receive is - How do I correctly plant bulbs? Some may be difficult to figure out which way is up or how deep they should be planted. The general rule of thumb is to plant a bulb twice as deep as it is high. Amanda shows some Rain Lily bulbs, one could even measure them on a trowel. Put it at the end of the trowel, then measure twice as deep in the soil and that should be a good depth for planting. Move your mulch away, exposing the ground, then go as deep as measured, put in the bulb so the pointy end is up and the roots toward the bottom, cover it up, move the mulch back in place and you're set to go. Amanda has a clump of dahlias and these tubers can be a little intimidating when looking them over. These plants have already started putting out a little growth so that provides a hint of the place to start. Again, take a gauge of the size of the bulb, use the twice as deep formula then plant. If you're not sure which is the top or the bottom the worst that could happen if planted upside down is the bulb will expend a lot of energy trying to turn the growth around but chances are good you would still get some foliage.

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